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Sexy futanari babe getting raped by tentacles

Futanari tentacle rape

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You know what I love about this futanari pic by Fapmaterial? It’s uncensored! Ok, thats not the only thing I like about it but after seeing so many hot futa pics ruined by mosaic bullshit it definitely helps. I am totally digging the western cartoony style of this pic and especially being able to see inside her pussy and anus thanks to the transparent tentacles. This hot futa babe by Fapmaterial is the perfect mixture of muscular/busty/sexy and lets not forget her beautiful dick! You know you want to be staring right at it as she unleashes her warm semen. Thanks Fapmaterial, you made my day with this beautiful futanari drawing.

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    Two futanari goth babes fucking one dude by Kami Tora

    Two futanari goth babes fucking one dude by Kami Tora

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image - Futa Goth Babes by Kami Tora

    Make no mistake – that guy is getting fucked hard and loving it. Kami Tora does what many futa hentai artists can’t, he makes a dude getting dominated by dickgirls hot. I am more of a “solo futa” or “futa on girl” fan myself and don’t usually jerk off to “futa on guy” but when it comes to pics like this my penis will make an exception. I think its because Kami Tora’s futanari babes are soooo fucking sexy! Plus their dicks are giant and full of semen. Whatever the case may be I would love to switch places with that guy in the middle right now.

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      Futanari Ahsoka Tano jerking off and cumming on herself

      Futanari Ahsoka Tano jerking off and cumming on herself Star Wars Clone Wars

      Futanari Ahsoka Tano by SkullKid

      I figured at some point I would stumble across a futanari Ahsoka Tano pic. I dig Skullkid’s clean lines and solid coloring reminiscent of the source material’s character models. I wonder if Snips uses her force powers to aid her in masturbating? Like, does she pull the anal beads out with her mind while jerking off? These are the questions I want answered! I bet a futa Jedi would be amazing in bed, she could pleasure you in ways you could never imagine. Of course if I had Jedi powers I would be a Sith Lord, no questions asked. I wouldn’t ever make it past the first semester without using my powers for evil. Maybe I could corrupt futanari Ahsoka Tano to be my sex slave Sith apprentice. Hmmmmmmmmmm…….

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        Futanari Psyker using her powers for The Imperium of Man

        Futanari Psyker cumming hard Warhammer 40k

        Futanari Psyker by Mlad

        There isn’t enough Warhammer 40K hentai on the internet, futanari or otherwise. I don’t get way – the Warhammer universe is jam packed with all sorts of great source material to create porn with. The Sisters of Battle are total babes, the chaos god Slaanesh has some hotties in his ranks (granted the have claw hands), and I can come up with some awesome scenarios with Eldar women. That’s why I was surprised to find this futanari psyker pic by Mlad – not only is it Warhammer 40K hentai but she’s a futa too. Double win! I am guessing that she is channeling her psychic powers on the battlefield and pushing her forces forward to victory……..that or this is just how she masturbates. Either way I love it!

        Click here to see more hot futanari pics by Mlad

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          Busty futanari with big hips

          Sexy futanari babe with big tits and big hips

          Sexy futanari babe with big tits and big hips

          I’ve seen this artist’s work before but I don’t know his (her? I shouldn’t assume) name. I love how big this futanari babe’s hips are. You usually don’t see an hourglass figure like this on too many dickgirls. Of course I like her giant tits and big dick too. That bad boy is dripping with precum and ready to bust a nut! If anyone knows this artist and can give me a name I would forever be grateful. I want to jerk off to more futa babes with big hips and dicks like this one.

          Click here to see more futa babes with big tits and big dicks

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            NieR RepliCant features a hot futanari babe

            Nier Replicant hot futanari Kaine

            Nier Replicant - Kaine

            I didn’t think NeiR looked all that interesting until I found out that the Japanese version, Neir Replicant, featured an actual in-game futanari! Now my interest is peaked. It looks like the same character is in the US version but I don’t know if they removed (pun intended) the futa aspect from the game when localizing it. I assume Square-Enix did seeing as how they changed the main playable character from a young guy to an older dude. If anyone knows more about NieR RepliCant’s futanari character let me know until then I’ll see what else I can dig up.

            NieR RepliCant futanari game character

            NieR RepliCant futanari

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