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Supergirl and Mary Marvel stroking their big cocks

Shemale Supergirl cumming on her own face while jerking off shemale Mary Marvel

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Here’s another example of an image that you have to see the original version to really enjoy it. Whenever I have “CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image” under a pic I strongly recommend doing so. I know some of my images link to futanari hentai paysites (hey, I gotta make money) but I promise that I will NEVER trick you into going to a paysite. Whenever you see the caption above it will always take you to the full sized image. Anyways that’s just my PSA for today.

Dankwart isn’t know for doing futanari hentai, in fact I think this might be his only one, but if you are like me you probably love “regular” hentai too so check out his work because it’s fucking amazing! It’s a shame that this talented artist doesn’t do more futa renderings because this pic of Supergirl and Mary Marvel jerking off their big shemale cocks is spectacular. The look on Mary Marvel’s face as she cums is priceless and, of course, I love the fact that Supergirl gave herself a facial. You know how I roll!

Click here to see more hentai by Dankwart

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    Shemale She-Hulk sucking Red She-Hulk’s cock

    Shemale She-Hulk sucking Red She-Hulk's cock

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    I haven’t been keeping up with my Marvel comics lately so I just assumed that Red She-Hulk was normal She-Hulk but you know what happens when you assume things. Red She-Hulk is actually Betty Ross (thanks Wikipedia). I guess you learn something new everyday. Wow, it looks like normal She-Hulk is certainly enjoying that big red cock. Wouldn’t you? Lisa Hayes really knows how to make amazing shemale hentai. Her style is very organic and realistic but cartoony at the same time. That’s hard to pull off but she does it in spades. Plus all her futas have perfectly sized cocks – not too big but not too small either. I know some people aren’t a fan of muscular girls but in this case it I think they will agree it fits with the source material. Her name is She-HULK after all ūüėČ

    Art by Ultra Fem ~ Website

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      Two busty futas get creampies and facials – Yum

      Futanari babe with big breasts cums on her own face

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

      For some reason I love Usatarou’s work even though it is always censored – rarely, if ever, have I found any of his renderings that weren’t. I guess it’s because there is always so much going on in the pics that the pros (self induced futa facials) usually out weigh the cons (censoring). In this pic we are treated to two futanari babes with big breasts post intercourse and each one came on their own face whilst receiving a filling creampie. I absolutely love it when a hot dickgirl blasts herself on her own face AND I love creampie porn so this is a major win/win for me. Now I’m going to pretend that each on eats the jizz out of the other’s pussy then does some cum-swapping.

      ……I came.

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        Two fit futas fucking by Dmitrys

        Muscular shemales fucking each other in the ass

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

        First, try saying “fit futas fucking” five times fast! Can’t do it can you? Second, OMFG this is amazing! Dmitrys hit another one out of the park with “Meryl’s Intense Workout”! Where do I even start? Of course his coloring and shading is topnotch like always but here the poses take center stage. You can really feel the power Linna’s thrusts as she fuck’s the hell out of Meryl’s tight ass until she cums in it. I think I can honestly say my favorite aspect of this illustration is the splatter effect from Meryl’s cum shot on the floor. It’s a great way to convey motion without actually having to draw her jizz shooting through the air. You can tell how hard she was fucked how far she shot her load just like a CSI investigator does with blood.

        Click here to see more futanari hentai by Dmitrys

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          Two futanari teens rubbing their dicks together

          Two loli futas rubbing dicks together

          Teen Futa Sandwich

          That right there is one futanari sandwich I would love to be in the middle of. Their soft skin and hard dicks rubbing against one another is enough to drive you crazy with anticipation. I love the pre-cum dripping off their penises and the line of saliva connecting their mouths letting you know they just made out. I am totally digging how clean and vibrant this rendering is but goddamn I wish there wasn’t a small black bar over their futa cocks – at least it doesn’t detract from the overall hotness of the image and I can still whack off to it…because that’s really all that’s important lol

          Click here to see more futanari hentai

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            Futanari schoolgirl taking a shot of jizz in her mouth

            Teen futanari babe jerking off two guys

            Futanari School Girl

            This pic received some very minor¬†notoriety¬†on the *booru boards for being a photochop. The original rendering was in black and what and she was a girl – then someone colored the pic, added a dick but removed the tits and she became a trap. Finally someone, possibly the original colorist, put the boobs back in thus creating this futa image. So to recap; Black and white teen girl => colored trap => colored futanari teen. The evolution of hentai pics on the interwebs lol. I think it wouldn’t have gotten as much exposure if the original image wasn’t so damn good but hey, I think she looks better with a dick anyways. Who doesn’t love a sexy teen futa with perfect tits getting a mouth full of cum? That’s the stuff dreams are made of ladies and gentlemen.

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