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Futanari Cattleya from Queen’s Blade has a big dick

Futanari Cattleya from Queens Blade

Futanari Cattleya from Queens Blade

Lol Rana looks absolutely terrified of Cattleya’s huge, throbbing cock dripping with pre-cum. I would be too if I saw a dick the size of my torso. It makes sense that she has a wang that big – look at her tits for crying out loud! I always loved the Queen’s Blade art style (especially Cattleya) and have been meaning to watch the anime but I haven’t had time yet. They really need to make a PS3 fighting game based on the series – complete with costumes getting torn and boobs bouncing everywhere. If said game actually existed it would be even cooler if you could input a secret futanari code but alas that’s just wishful thinking on my part. If any of my readers are video game designers then please make it happen! ūüôā

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    Molotov Coqtiz is packing a big gun!

    Venture Brother Molotov Cocktease futanari by Kinky Jimmy

    Shemale Molotov Coqtiz by Kinky Jimmy

    Venture Brothers is one of my all-time favorite cartoons. It’s funny,violent and has some really sexy characters like Molotov Coqtiz (pronounced “Cocktease” for those not familiar with the show). So when I saw this pic by Kinky Jimmy of the Russian mercenary packing a huge cock under her costume I almost came in my pants. Brock Samson would not be pleased with my lack of self control. Needless to say I would give my left nut to suck on Molotov Coqtiz’s¬†huge tits and monster cock. I bet when she cums it’s like a fire hose of semen getting turned on. Damn, she can tease my cock any day…….ok that was lame – Brock would be very disappointed today.

    Click here to see more sexy shemale hentai by Kinky Jimmy

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      Medieval times futanari barmaid fucking a wench

      Futanari raping a medieval wench

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

      I guess futanari babes have been around all throughout history as this illustration by JoiXXX proves. Back in Medieval times lawlessness was the norm and if you were strong enough to force your will upon someone then you could have your way with them. Maybe this futa got a little drunk and saw something she liked – namely the blonde beer wench. There is a whole lot of forceful fucking going on in this image and while I am not really into the rape niche I can’t help but be turned on by what I see. I don’t think the wench is going to be walking right for a while after having that futa sausage stretch out her tight pussy. After this little escapade they should change the name of the bar to Ye Olde Futanari Tavern.

      Click here to see more hentai by JoiXXX

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        Sam from Totally Spies fucked by a sexy futanari

        Sexy red head fucked in the ass by an asian ladyboy

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

        I never watched the French cartoon series Totally Spies – an animated series about three teen spy girls – but I do recall it being advertised at some point. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying this pic of Sam (the team leader) getting her tight teen ass drilled by an Asian ladyboy. I dig¬†Tekuhonohabo’s style – the clean and colorful art reminds me of a Saturday morning cartoon juxtaposed with extreme sex and depravity. How can you not love it? The artist’s attention to detail is spectacular from the explosion of cum shooting out of Sam’s ass right down to the boots they are wearing. Tekuhonohabo is quickly becoming one of my new favorite artists and he should totally (get it?) be on your watch list too.

        Tekuho No Habo ~

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          Aunt Charlie by Dmitrys

          Busty shemale MILF in black lingerie

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

          Dmitrys’ latest creation is a widescreen rendering (I had to crop it to fit in the blog so click on the pic above for the full version) of Meryl’s aunt Charlie laying on her couch in sexy black lingerie. She is a true futa MILF. Wow, would you look at the size of her tits and cock. Amazing! Oh what I wouldn’t give to bend her over and fuck her from behind while I jerked off that monster sausage and played with those huge knockers. Better yet – fuck her and Meryl at the same time! Wouldn’t that be something? If only Dmitrys’ drawings were real….sigh. That’s OK though because his work is so fucking good it’s better than reality and I will just enjoy all the¬†scenarios¬†I come up with in my head. Imagination FTW!

          Click here to see more shemale hentai by Dmitrys

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            Sexy black shemale jerking off and cumming – Sydian Black

            Hot black shemale in bondage with a dildo up her ass

            Sydian Black by InCase

            It’s a shame we don’t see too many black futanari chicks because I love me some “regular” black girls. This awesome pic by InCase features Sydian Black (real life CD – I found this out when I googled the name) with a big dildo up her ass and cumming on her own tits. This pic is amazingly hot, which is par for course for InCase, but the pics I found of the real Sydian…..not so much. I’m not being mean or anything but just being honest. Anyways, this illustration has everything I love a futa pic to have – big dicks, lots of cum, and the futa busting a nut on herself. Enjoy.

            Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

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