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Futanari Roto from Dragon Quest getting attacked by tentacles

Busty futanari tentacle rape hentai

Futanari Roto from Dragon Quest

Poor Roto, we all know what’s gonna happen to her in a few seconds. Those tentacles are going to tear off her clothes and begin thrusting themselves deep in her futa-pussy and asshole. Sucks to be her but I fucking love seeing busty futanari babes getting raped by tentacle monsters, don’t you? I’m sure a lot of you wish this image was a little more explicit but I love it just the way it is – You get to use your imagination and, in my opinion, there is no better porn than the one in your brain. Plus I am a sucker for nip-slips and I love the fact that you can see Roto’s areola popping out from under her top. Now that’s good stuff!

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    Sexy furry futa with a big boner

    Furry anthropomorphic futanari babe with big tits and a big dick

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

    I pretty sure that this is my first furry futanari post on Futanari Obsession and with good reason – White Devil’s art is absolutely amazing! I’ve never really been into the whole “anthropomorphic hentai” scene, and I don’t think that’s gonna change, but this piece really turns me on. White Devil’s style is very bold, the composition is outstanding, the detail is great, and the coloring is perfect. Not to mention I love the concept of this piece – a poor furry futa can’t control her erection in public because someone keeps sending her porn on her cell phone. What a predicament! lol! White Devil has some other furry futa hentai pieces in his portfolio so if that’s your cup of tea then by all means check him out.

    Click here to see more furry futanari hentai by White Devil

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      Thunder & Lightning – 3D futanari hentai by JosiePurr [UPDATE]

      Real 3D futanari hentai

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Resolution Image

      Wow, this might be a first – real 3D futanari hentai by JosiePurr. Awesome! …….. Too bad I don’t have a freakin’ pair of 3D glasses on me right now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Can someone please tell me how cools this looks when you actually have the glasses on? I have no idea where to get a pair but trust me I will be looking for one because I need to jerk off to this asap! If you are like me and don’t have the necessary equipment to enjoy this image then click on the link below for the 2D version. My hat is off to JosiePurr for creating this awesome piece. It’s a brave new world.

      [UPDATE] Josie tweaked the 3D effect and says this one works better than the last one. Let me know what you think.

      Click here to see the non-3D version

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        Sexy futanari babe with a tight body and big dick

        Uncensored futanari hentai babe by Mofuringu

        Beach babe futanari by Mofuringu

        Summer is almost over my friends so here’s an image of a sexy futanari babe laying on the beach to get us through the impending fall and winter. I don’t know about you but if I saw this chick tanning herself – erect penis and all – there would be nothing in the world that could stop me from hitting on her. OMG the thought of stroking her swollen member until she cums on her strong stomach turns me on so fucking much! I don’t like overly muscular women but Mofuringu illustrates them perfectly – just the right amount of muscle tone. And those beautiful shemale balls; I want to suck on them so bad! Bravo, Mofuringu…. bravo.

        Click here to see more uncensored futanari hentai for just $1

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          Bandit “Eagle” futanari pirate design by Arteria

          Sexy futanari pirate with lots of tattoos

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

          Man, I’d sail the high seas with this hot futanari pirate any day! Who wouldn’t? She has a great body, big tits, and a huge cock. Yum! I love how Arteria drew her flashing one of her breasts – that’s my favorite thing a chick can do, pull out one of her boobs (not sure if it’s a fetish or not but if anyone knows what it’s called let me know). Arteria really shows off his character design skills with this illustration. The costume is sexy as hell plus has an overall cohesive look to it (it doesn’t look like he just threw it all together). I would love to see some of her adventures in the future but until then I’ll just have to fantasize about long nights at sea with nothing but her huge cock to keep me warm.

          Click here to see more hentai by Arteria

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            Sexy black futa with a bionic arm

            Beautiful black futa with white hair and a bionic arm

            Futa with a bionic arm by Suna (maybe)

            Damn girl, you really need to let that trouser snake out. I bet she has white pubic hair….mmmm wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight. I would love to see her jerk off her big cock with with bionic arm too… I just hope it doesn’t go into overdrive or something and damage her member. That would be my only fear if I had a robotic right arm – While it would be cool to crush cans with it what if I crush my dick with it instead? These are the things I actually think about while I am in the car driving or in the shower jerking off to mental futa images. “What if I had a robotic arm?” Jesus, I’m an idiot. But hey, at least we have this pic by Suna (I can’t confirm it’s his work but some people think it is) to enjoy. I guess I am not the only person that thinks about bionic arms and chicks with dicks. Score!

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