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Molotov Coqtiz fucking Dr. Girlfriend in the ass

Venture Bros. Futanari hentai by Kinky Jimmy

Molotov Coqtiz fucking Dr. Girlfriend in the ass

Here’s a phenomenal follow-up illustration to the solo futanari Molotov Coqtiz piece by Kinky Jimmy. This time Molotov Coqtiz gets to put her “big gun” to good use while she has her way with Dr. Girlfriend’s tight asshole. I love both of their big tits and dicks, it’s like a dream come true. Actually I’m in a pretty big [adult swim] hentai craze right now – if you read my non-futa hentai blog you’ll know what I mean (Metalocalypse porn) – and this pic is just what the doctor ordered. Oh man, I so want to see how much cum Dr. Girlfriend shoots all over herself – I bet it lands on her face and tits. I think it goes without saying but I would lick up ever drip (including the bit that Molotov Coqtiz shoots in her ass too). Yum.

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    Futanari troll cumming in a woman’s womb

    Futanari hentai by Bloo Carrot

    CLICK HERE To See The Entire Set

    Bloo Carrot has really outdone himself this time with a sexy series of pics featuring a futanari troll depositing her milky seed deep inside some lucky chick’s womb. All these pics are the same pose with various levels of semen and x-ray effects so there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. I personally like seeing the internal climax and the look on the girl’s face is absolutely priceless. Bloo Carrot is an amazing hentai artist that draws both straight and futa cartoons so make sure you show him some love on his website so he know’s that his hard work is appreciated!

    Click here to see more futanari hentai by Bloo Carrot

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      Kaine posing seductively between battles

      Sexy video game futanari Kaine from Nier Replicant PS3

      Kaine from Nier Replicant

      Things are kinda slow right now in the futa hentai world. How slow you ask? Slow enough for me to post a non-nude pic of Kaine from Nier Replicant. I actually really like this image but I doubt I ever would have made a post dedicated to it unless nothing else really caught my attention.

      For those of you that don’t know of Kaine or what a Nier Replicant is you are not alone as the game didn’t do too well in America – Kaine shares the distinction of being one of two video game futas (Poison from Final Fight being the other one). That’s right, in the Japanese version she is an actual futanari character. I don’t know if the American version delved to that subject too deeply but Kaine has generated a lot of buzz within the dickgirl loving community. So there you go, now you know and knowing is half the battle. Of course if anyone wants to clarify or add anything to this post please leave a comment below.

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        Cammy double teamed by Juli and Juni

        Street Fighter futanari hentai

        Cammy double teamed by Juli and Juni

        There aren’t too many sights I enjoy more than seeing a chick getting stuffed on both ends but when said “chick” is Cammy White and the stuffing is being done by futanari Juli and Juni then the image is that much more amazing. I admit that this image isn’t particularly detailed or striking at first glance but it’s the subtly that  I enjoy – The thrusting poses, the tiny droplets of semen on the ground, and Juli and Juni making out while the both fill Cammy with cum. Sometimes you don’t need in-your-face vulgarity to make hentai sexy.

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          Epic futanari .gif animation

          futanari .gif

          CLICK HERE To Watch The Entire .Gif

          I know most of you have seen the futanari .gif animations by No Soul (you know the ones with the yellow cum that looks like pee?). Well this one is truly epic, not only in length but content as well. I don’t want to spoil any of the awesome scenarios for you but trust me, you will jerk off to this. Enjoy!

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            Milla Jovovich lets her big dick rest on Keira Knightley

            Shemale Milla Jovovich with a big dick and Keira Knightley spreading her pussy lips

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

            Holy shit this is an amazing picture. I don’t know which one is hotter – Milla Jovovich with her big dick and perky nipples or Keira Knightley in a naughty school girl outfit spreading her bald pussy. Tekuhonohabo did a phenomenal job with the likenesses of each character and, to be honest, I find myself staring at their faces more than what’s between their legs. That’s not really a bad thing but I would love to see a follow-up pic with Milla fucking Keira with her massive shemale cock. Trust me, if Tekuhonohabo creates one I will post it here! Until that day comes though we will all just have to use our imaginations but that shouldn’t be too hard I think.

            Tekuho No Habo ~

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