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Futa Nadia and Lei Lei picking up guys in a bar

Futa Nadia and Lei Lei picking up guys in a bar by Tekuho

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

Now this is my kind of bar! If that’s what these young sluts do to get a man’s attention I can only imagine how freaky they are in bed. I love how Nadia is just firing off a load of semen as if it were no big deal and she could do it at will – Actually that’s pretty fucking hot if she could just cum whenever she wanted. I meant to feature this piece a while ago but I must have forgot about it (although I can’t imagine why that would happen). Once I saw that Tekuho had moved to Hentai United I went back and looked through his older works for something to post and saw this piece. It was sort of an “Ah Ha” moment. Anyways, it might not be supper current but it’s still hot just the same!

Tekuho No Habo ~

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    The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr

    The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr

    The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr

    1000 pixel version – Click Here
    2000 pixel hi-res verson – Click Here

    Today is a big day. Not only do we get a new Phantom Futa piece by JosiePurr but I am also unveiling the official logo by her as well! I am beyond happy with how this illustration turned out, JosiePurr really outdid herself this time and set the bar very high for future commissions.

    The premise – Create a comic book cover inspired rendering for The Phantom Futa complete with logo and everything else you would normally find on one. This would also be the template for future mock-covers featuring The Phantom Futa.

    The inspiration – JosiePurr and I have been into comic books our whole lives and we wanted to do something modern but pay homage to the retro covers where the hero would be in danger. Since The Phantom Futa’s power comes from her cock being hard, and if she cums she will be weakened until she gets horny again, we figured that would make for a perfect set-up for her being in peril. Btw – I’ll create a full bio complete with back story on her in the future.

    The execution – FLAWLESS. I absolutely love the vibrant colors juxtaposed with the moody lighting and The Phantom Futa’s large cock ready to explode is fucking hot! I am extremely turned on by this piece which is important because sometimes Futanari Obsession becomes more of a business to me and less of a “fun thing to do”. It’s nice to rub one out to The Phantom Futa and be reminded why I fell in love with futanari hentai in the first place. Thank you for that JosiePurr! Don’t forget, comments are always encouraged so feel free to leave one and let us know what you think about this amazing piece.

    Which brings me to the final part of this post – the poll. Does The Phantom Futa cum all over her big tits and lose her powers or does she break free and kick some ass!? You decide the outcum of this dilemma  😉

    Does The Phantom Futa cum? You decide!

    • Yes (86%, 815 Votes)
    • No (14%, 135 Votes)

    Total Voters: 950

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    Click here to see more free futanari hentai by JosiePurr

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      Capcom Vs SNK – Kunoichi Jigokuhen R-31 Futanari Doujinshi

      Capcom Vs SNK - Kunoichi Jigokuhen R-31 Futanari Doujinshi

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Doujin

      Here’s a nice, quick futanari doujinshi featuring my three all time favorite fighting game girls – Chun-Li, Mai Shiranui, and of course Poison! Seriously, if you put all these characters in a comic together I will read it. I don’t give a shit about the story I just want to see these ladies fucking. The only thing I can’t stand (more than censoring) is when artists go the bizarre route and give them armpit hair. That is one fetish I truly will never understand. “To each his own” I say but that’s just gross. Don’t be discouraged though, this doujin does not feature that particular style choice. Enjoy 🙂

      Click here to read Capcom Vs SNK – Kunoichi Jigokuhen R-31

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        The Phantom Futa’s car in Forza for XBox 360 by An34syT4rg3t

        The Phantom Futa's car in Forza Motorsport 3 for Xbox 360 by An34syT4rg3t

        The Phantom Futa's car in Forza Motorsport 3 by An34syT4rg3t

        I honestly never thought there would be this much fan made Phantom Futa content but I guess you guys really like her huh? The newest contribution to the “Holy shit that’s so fucking cool” category on Futanari Obsession is brought to us by the very talented gamer, An34syT4rg3t.  After being inspired by The Phantom Futa’s car in a rendering by Sticky (see it HERE) An34syT4rg3t decided to recreate the car in Forza Motorsport 3 for the XBox 360 using a Lotus Exige Cup 240. I can’t believe how good it looks and the best part is he made it so that anyone can download the design for free!

        Ok, I don’t play racing games too often (I am very excited about Motorstorm Apocalypse for the PS3 though) so here are the instructions for how to download it. Keep in mind it’s just the design, you need your own Lotus Exige Cup 240 to put it on 😉

        My gamertag is An34syT4rg3t and the design is on the Forza Marketplace for free.

        You go to the storefront tab on the main menu and search for a design. You can specify the make, model, and price. Also while narrowing these options down you and hit the “x” button to add a text description. In this box you should type “Phantom Futa” or “”. That will bring you to the design and from there you can select the “view owners storefront” option to download it.

        Thanks An34syT4rg3t and happy racing everyone!

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          Jinkies! Velma getting fucked in the ass by Daphne

          Scooby-Doo futanari hentai

          The Possession of Daphne Blake A.K.A BANG BUS! by Dongidew

          I stumbled upon this pic while looking for Daphne Blake hentai (not necessarily of the futanari nature) and was pleasantly surprised. I don’t think Dongidew’s style will be everyone’s cup of tea but I think a lot of you (especially the ones that grew up with the old Scooby Doo cartoons like I did) will get a kick out of this piece. Of course I fucking love the content of this rendering – Velma’s thick ass in particular – but I also love the detail put into the background of it. It’s one of those drawings that no matter where you look you see something new and interesting (I didn’t notice the graveyard at first). Not to mention the moodiness is outstanding. I wish more artists put as much effort into the setting of their drawings as they put into the sex itself. I’m definitely gonna be keeping my eye on Dongidew for now on.

          Click here to see more futanari hentai by Dongidew

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            Cute futanari autofellatio and announcements

            Cute futanari autofellatio by Uno Makoto

            Cute futanari autofellatio by Uno Makoto

            I want to take this time to let you know whats been going on behind the scenes these past couple of days. As some of you might have noticed Futanari Obsession was messed up yesterday and the night before. It seems that my hosting company attempted to migrate my sites to a new server and there were…..complications. Needless to say I was pissed when I saw that all the posts that I had created in the past week or so were magically gone. Not to mention that I couldn’t login to the backend (lol) of the site to try and fix it. So after a lot of emails to my hosting company all my sites were completely restored. What a fucking relief! The moral of this story is – If your business, and 100% of your income, is based online then BACK YOUR SHIT UP! After I post this I’ll be spending the next hour or so backing up Futanari Obsession…the exciting life of a pornographer 😉

            Oh and btw, here’s a pic of a cute futanari babe sucking her own cock for you guys to jerk off to. Have fun!

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