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[Guest Writer – JosiePurr] Work it out yo! by White Devil

Work it out yo! by White Devil

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

Here’s a fun, hung futa from White-Devil; one of my personal favorite artists! For me, great hentai is all about the little details that tell a good back story to a piece. When you make an emotional connection to a character, that’s when you know you’re hands will start creeping into your pants. 🙂

With this hottie dickgirl, it’s her cute little cock sock that says a lot to me! 😀 Not only does it look incredibly good on her meat, but also inquires a little background info on her. For instance, the pattern matches her gloves… where do you buy matching gloves and cock socks? lol The stitches on the sock tell me that maybe she made it herself… and when you wear matching undergarments, its obvious you intend to have people see them sooner or later. Obviously, she must be not as innocent as her bright eyes try to make us seem. It’s these little things that make this image so much more alive and much more fun to fap to. 🙂

For those who don’t know by now, I am a hentai artist myself and I love how White-Devil colors his images and creates such intricate moods. This futa goodness is just the tip of the iceberg… and what a lovely “tip” it is! ^_^

– JosiePurr

Click here to see more futanari hentai by White-Devil at

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    A busty futa cumming on her own face and tits by Reiq

    A busty futa cumming on her own face and tits

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

    I haven’t seen too many futanari pics by Reiq which is a shame because he’s really fucking good at it. God damn he know’s how to make a picture look “wet”! I’ve been a fan of Reiq’s artwork for a while now and, like Dmitrys, I never get tired of his style. I can just sit here all day and analyze one piece – the beautiful colors, the perfect linework, and the awesome sex.

    This image in particular I love because…well, it’s a futa piece lol. I am a sucker for futas giving themselves a facial so its awesome to see Reiq deliver. The way her cum is running down her tits and on her face is perfect. Seriously, I have seen some artists fail in the cum rendering and it’s really disappointing, if there is one thing a hentai artist should always get right is the money shot. Fortunately Reiq always makes it rain.

    Click here to see more futanari hentai by Reiq at JigglyGirls

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      Raven’s Ascension series by Dongidew

      Raven's Ascension by Dongidew

      Raven's Ascension Part 1

      Here’s a fun futanari series by Dongidew featuring Raven from Teen Titans and her magical penis. I love his cartoony style as it really fits the source material from the show, plus the style allows the animation to be over the top with out it being distracting. I just wish that .gif files had sound because I would love to hear Raven’s balls slapping against Starfire and hear her scream when she cums. Oh well, what can you do? This is a great series by Dongidew and I hope we see more like this in the future.

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        [Guest Writer – Melcior] Futanari Vampire by Yozora

        Futanari Vampire by Yozora

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

        Here’s one vampire that I’d love to meet down a dark alley at night. Not only does she have a smoking hot body, but just look at the size of her cock. You can just tell that it is full to the brim with thick gooey cum. What I wouldn’t give to get my mouth around that long thick shaft and see just how far down my throat it would go. I doubt I’d manage to swallow it all but I’d try as hard as I could until she blew her huge load down my throat and all over my face. Perhaps then she’d let me bend her over and take her from behind whilst jerking off that wonderful cock of hers with one hand and fondling her tits with the other. I think for that I’d let her bite me.

        I have to say that Yozora’s art is some of the hottest Futa works I’ve come across to date. I love the way the Vampires’ are so cute and sexy yet exude an air of menace and power. The strong contrast between the blacks of the surroundings and the Vampires’ skin tones only adds to the sense of danger. I also love the way her cock and balls a drawn, large but not unrealistically so. The way her balls hand down as though they are heavy with semen and the throbbing veins in her cock all add to the affect. Also the way the clothing is done so that it accentuates both her feminine figure and her huge cock all make this one hell of a good Futa image.

        – Melcior

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          Futanari Sandy getting her dick sucked by a jellyfish

          Futanari Sandy getting her dick sucked by a jellyfish

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

          I never thought I would say this but I am really turned on by Sandy right now. You guys probably know by now that furry hentai isn’t really my thing, and I am not an avid watcher of SpongeBob though I have seen a few episodes, so it caught me by surprise when my dick began to move while I was looking at this pic. I love the fact that she is cumming into the jelly fish while riding a mechanical dildo. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Naty nailed the likeness (a skill I greatly respect) and managed to add a little humor to the piece. Bravo!

          Click here to see more furry hentai by Naty

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            [Guest Writer – Yoyoguy] Tied Up Futa by Dmitrys

            Busty dickgirl tied up by Dmitrys

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized ANIMATED Gif

            Oh man, could you imagine if you have this beauty tied up in your basement? I know I’d be in there 24/7 doing all kinds of things! Getting her to the edge of orgasm then completely stop so she never cums, teasing her until she can’t take it anymore. Then fucking her pussy and jerking her off at the same time until she shoots hot cum everywhere. Her throbbing balls and cock are on the edge of cumming all over the place. Those nipple rings have to be holding gallons of milk inside her huge tits. Just look how hard her nipples are! They must be ready to burst!

            Speaking about bursting, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of stress that cock ring is under, and how much I would give to switch places with it. Those gigantic balls probably hold as much as her tits do! I’d love to be on the recieveing end of that load!

            – Yoyoguy

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized ANIMATED Gif

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