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[Guest Writer – XRebel] Alice in Sexland Vol. 1

Alice in Sexland Vol. 1

CLICK HERE To Read The Full Doujinshi

Alice in Sexland. A much sexier take on the classic book by Louis Carrol. I think, after reading this, that you’ll all agree with me when I say that this is better than the original. This comic is what got me into futanari. The art is sexy as hell, there’s enough futanari to give me a lady boner instantly, and there’s actually a decent storyline. I hope you’ll all enjoy this as much as I do, and fap to it as often as I do, too!

If I had to pick an All Time Favorite, this would be it. Mind you, this is only the first issue. The image I selected to give you all, although not fully futanari is the cover of Issue #1, with thumbs to several pages. [I replaced the image XRebel provided with the actual cover and created a gallery of the whole first issue ~ Futa Fan] Seriously, go read it.


Click here to read Alice in Sexland Vol. 1

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    [Guest Writer – JosiePurr] Star Kiln by Anokorok

    Star Kiln by Anokorok

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

    Ok! Let’s change gears for a bit. This awesome pic by Anokorok really shows a great marriage between artistic integrity and the old fashioned hotness of hentai! It’s a beautiful mixture between great shading as well as a fantastically grab-able booty. But my favorite part of this is the colors! The beautiful hushed tones give such atmosphere to this piece that really make you feel like your there with them on a quite early Spring day; listening to the hot redhead going: “HHMMGH! OHH! HHHMMGGHHH!!”

    And just look at that perverted bird in the background! I bet it’s a wizard in disguise getting a quick look at the hot futa action. After all, what else are powers for? ­čÖé

    All in all, these two cuties really are going to town with that cute redhead hole and that throbbing futa cock. It looks like they are getting close… and Im sure that cream is going to be magically delicious when it bursts! ­čśŤ

    – JosiePurr

    Click here to see more hentai by Anokorok

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      Busty futanari maid cumming in an artificial vagina

      Busty futanari maid cumming in an artificial vagina by Shirakaba

      CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

      When I saw the thumbnail for this amazing pic on Gelbooru I thought “Please don’t be censored. Please, for the love of god don’t be fucking censored”. Once I saw the full sized image I came instantly. Seriously, I nutted in my pantaloons. I have never heard of the artist named┬áShirakaba before but this is hands down one of the best futanari images I have ever seen. The colors, the thickness of her body, the cum everywhere –┬áShirakaba is a fucking hentai master.

      Judging by the look on the poor futa maid’s face I can only imagine that cumming all over the living room was not why she was hired. Now she has to clean up this mess…preferably with her tongue. Of course I would hire her just for this unique talent. Screw cleaning, I can do that – I want a maid with huge tits, a giant cock, and the ability to cover the room with milky white semen. Now that’s what I call getting your money’s worth!

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        [Guest Writer – JosiePurr] Asuka cumming in Shinji’s mouth

        Neon Genesis Evangelion futanari henatai

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

        Don’t you just love this? I do! Ok.. I admit it. I’m a bisexual girlÔÇŽ if you haven’t figured that out, you really don’t know how to take hints lol. It’s also no secret that I wish I had a cockÔÇŽ quite often in fact.┬áThis wonderfully sexy pic really captures some of my own personal favorite fantasies in a way that relates to me from a female perspective.

        I like to think while looking at this image that it’s Asuka’s first cumshot and she’s experiencing her first orgasmic blast of sticky hotness. To be honest, if I were in this situation that would definitely be MY expression. In my own artwork, my females are usually on the submissive side which is a clear reflection of myself. Im quite the shy person. Thats why images like this just make me squeak with fangirlness ^_^ From an artistic perspective, one of my favorite little touches to this image is the light, very subtle shading beneath her breasts. It makes them look so snuggleable and gropeable. As I always say.. it’s those little touches that make hentai come alive! :3

        And yes, a futa jizzing in a guy’s mouth is hot!!!… if I get to be the jizzer :3 Happy fapping! <3

        – JosiePurr

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          Kusari Vol.8 – Queens Blade futanari doujinshi

          Kusari Vol.8 - Queens Blade futanari doujinshi

          CLICK HERE To Read The Full Doujinshi

          The other day┬áSpartan009 sent me a request for more futanari doujinshi posts. I’m not the type of person to let my readers down so here you go –┬áKusari Vol.8 is a Queens Blade themed futa comic (everyone loves Queens Blade!) featuring some of the fighters fuck and cumming all over the place. I’m not sure if┬áKusari Vol. 1 – 7 are all Queens Blade doujins since this is the only one I could find but I doubt you will be missing any plot points if that is the case ­čśë

          Click here to read Kusari Vol.8

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            Yozora’s vampire futanari pressed up against glass

            Yozora's vampire futanari pressed up against glass and cumming

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

            I’m amazed that Yozora can still come up with new situations for his famous futanari vampire character. Seriously, does this hentai artist draw anything else? I’m not complaining mind you because I always love seeing her cum. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was happening here but it looks to me like she is pressed up against one layer of glass while fucking a hole and cumming behind another layer of glass. Elaborate to be sure but also extremely fucking hot. Bravo Yozora, you never cease to impress me!

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