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Shemale Ascending Stairs by White Devil

Shemale Ascending Stairs by White Devil

CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

I’m taking a little break from sightseeing in France while my girlfriend is at a conference and wanted to drop by and say hi to you guys. The past week and a half has been fun but tiring – I’ve visited Amsterdam (coffeeshops w00t!), Belgium and Switzerland so far and after a few days in Montpellier (where I currently am) we’ll be heading to Paris. It’s beautiful here but honestly I’m kinda looking forward to getting back to the US on July 6th. I miss porn and my PS3 lol!

But enough about me – A reader that goes by the nameĀ Tranthusiast sent this me this pic he had commissioned by White Devil and wanted me to share it with everyone on Futanari Obsession. I hope you guys enjoy this rendering as much as I do, her ass and legs are fucking amazing (not to mention the giant pendulous chock and balls between her legs). My god what I wouldn’t give to stick my tongue deep in her asshole while jerking her off at the same time! You guys know I fucking loveĀ White Devil so I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that my one post in the last week and a half is by him.

I’ll try and to do some more posts before I leave for Paris and I’ll be back to a regular schedule later next week. Talk to you guys soon!

Click here to see more futanari hentai by White-Devil at

A special thanks to Tranthusiast for having this piece commissioned.

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    Futanari elf with a big round ass and thick cock by Ubanis

    Futanari elf with a big round ass and thick cock by Ubanis

    CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

    Damn, if you liked the last elf you’re gonna LOVE this one! Ubanis brings us this stunning pic. I cant get over this hot elf’s huge ass, much less her cock. She has it pushed back between her legs, her tiny thong not even trying to contain it. Cum is dripping right down the length of her shaft, sweat all over her ass and the rest of her body adding to it to make that much hotter. I love how even though they arent very well shown off you can still see the elf’s big tits, round and succulent. Ubanis really gives you the picture of a sexy elf babe, cute face, huge tits, amazing ass, and a nice big cock to top it all off. You just want to take her home and spend all night with her. Hell screw all night, ill keep her for at least a week!

    Click here to see more futanari hentai by Ubanis

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      The Phantom Futa in “Midnight Justice” by LC

      Here we are, the first in a long series of story posts featuring the one and only caped dickgirl, the Phantom Futa! This right here is a bit of an intro piece to get a feel for how it works and see what y’all think. Feel free to leave feedback, things you want to see, things I can improve on, and even ideas for the story. I have an overall plot arc in mind for the first season, but ideas for side plots and even the way you’d like to see the overall go is more than welcome.



      The Phantom Futa


      Midnight Justice

      The sky was black but Freedom City was bright. It was only now, in the late hours of the night, that the city came alive. From the casinos where the powerful and the lucky gambled for dominance, to the brothels where the honest and the dishonest were equally disgraced. Crime ran this city, it paid for the law, it kept children fed, it kept the very life of the society alive. And those whom ruled crime would rule it all.

      It was in a dark and dank alleyway behind a reputable city bank that the two men stood, waiting for their signal.

      “Hey Marty, what was the name of that broad?” The first man asked loudly.

      “My name is Martin.” The other man responded in annoyance.

      “Yeah ok Martin. What was her name again?”

      “Which one?” Martin asked gruffly, stilled simply annoyed by his companion.

      The first man gestured. “You know, the blonde. You took her out the other night remember?”

      Recognition flashed across Martin’s face. “Yeah Kelly. Bitch wouldn’t put out. She ate my meal and rode in my car and I cant get some tail for that?” He paused and thought for a second. “Humph, maybe her name was Katy. Had to smack her around a bit to make her cooperate if you know what I mean.”

      The first man laughed. “Yeah I remember Pauly; ‘There goes another nice girl down the drain’ Ha ha!”

      “Shut up Petey. So whens the truck supposed to be here?”

      Petey checked his watch and then shrugged. “I dunno, soon.”

      “They better get here soon.”

      “Hey, these are Giovanni’s own guys, they’ll be here don’t worry.”

      “Giovanni Bernatelli sent these guys himself? Shit if big man’s behind it this job will be no problem.”

      The Bernatellis were the ones who ran Freedom City. From money laundering, to prostitution, to drugs, if it was illegal they did it. No criminal made a buck without some going to the Bernatelli Family. Even the cops were on their payroll, their power over Freedom City was absolute. Giovanni was their leader, Godfather of the sinister crime family. His was a name both feared and respected equally.

      Martin’s gaze wandered to the alleyway across from him. There weren’t any others around, save one woman lingering in that dark alley. She wore a robe around her shoulders, hood up over her head, while beneath she wore nothing more than a skimpy outfit, possibly black or blue it was hard to tell in the light.
      Her body was beyond desirable, tight curves and huge tits. Lust stirred within Martin, he wanted her, and he would have her no matter the price.

      “Ah good the truck is here.” Petey said.

      Martin looked to see the armored car backing into their alley. Obviously Bernatelli’s men were here and ready to crack into the bank before them.

      “Yous guys get started, you don’t need me til you get to the safe anyway.”

      Petey looked at him like he was crazy. “You’re kiddin right man?”

      “Naw, im gonna go blow off some steam.”

      Read the rest of this entry »

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        Two futas cumming while their dicks are tied together

        Two futas cumming while their dicks are tied together

        CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

        Hot chicks with big tits and big dicks. Oh and their soaked in cum. Yeah I can sleep better now.

        So check this hot pic out! An artist with an eye for the kinky drew this one, Rosa from Gelbooru. I love how the two stunning babes are tied together at their cocks, as if they managed to still pull off the scissors technique lesbians use but with cocks. The visual of two hot babes bouncing up and down, their big breasts moving with them, as their cocks rub up against one another. They grow harder, and harder, and harder, until finally they release their loads all over each other.

        Ah that just makes me hard thinking about it. One of the things I really like in the fine detail is how bright lights are shining on the two futas in the backround of the scene. Rosa does an amazing job of showing this by making the cum shine as much as their hair. I dont know how she does it but I LOVE it!

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          Busty futanari elf by Poko Chin

          Busty futanari elf by Poko Chin

          CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

          Elves are sexy. When it comes to fantasy I usually prefer Dwarves over Elves, but when it comes to sex its all about Elves. Especially Futanari Elves! Found this picture on Gelbooru by artist Poko Chin. There is some possibility that the futa aspects were photo shopped, but it doesent make her cock any less attractive!

          So where do I begin? I love her tiny bikini. The way it barely contains her large tits and massive cock makes me almost hungry in a way. Her black stockings are a nice addition too, making her out to be a bit more of a slut than her innocent face portrays. Man if Elves are this hot and hung, games of DND will take on a whole new meaning! Even if this pic was shopped, im dying for more Futanari Elf porn.

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            Rainbow Mika jerking off in the ring by Mizuburasi

            Futanari Street Fighter hentai

            CLICK HERE To See The Full Sized Image

            Rainbow! With a cock! And shes cumming! Street Fighter fans rejoice. Found this pic on Gelbooru by a little artist known as Mizuburasi and I have to say I like his vision!

            So we have a hot pic of Rainbow Mika in the wrestling ring letting it all hang out. Its interesting, shes hanging upside down showing off her cock in a really fascinating way. I love the way shes grabbing her balls as if milking her cock for cum. Anyone notice the smack mark on her ass? Nothing better than a nude Futa babe all hot and abused. I think I might have to take a break from searching for details for a minute to go jack off again!

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