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3D Shemales aren’t bad just kinda boring IMO

3D shemale loli

3D Shemales

I’ve never posted 3D shemale pics before and there is a reason for that – I think they are kinda boring. That’s not to say that they aren’t well made or that it doesn’t take some artistic ability to make them look good (I’ve taken some 3D animation classes and I have to say that it DOES take some skills to make a good 3D model and skin) it’s just, well I don’t know, there isn’t a whole lot going on here. But I figured I’d mix things up a bit and let the people that are interested in this sort of “hentai” know that they should check out – The quality is top notch! And that’s pretty much that. Enjoy.

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    9 Responses to “3D Shemales aren’t bad just kinda boring IMO”

    • Alucard:

      I personally LOVE 3D futa… Though there isn’t very much of it, I wouldn’t say it was “Boring”. Many of my favourite Futanari Videos are 3D. It’s a shame there aren’t very many 3D Futanari stuff out there though.

      I couldn’t choose between 3D and Hand-Drawn Hentai. My preferances constantly switch. (So one day, I prefer Hand-Drawn, and the next, I prefer 3D.)
      I’d appreciate it if you posted more 3D Futanari. Assuming you could find some you consider worthy of posting, that is.

    • voltron67:

      i would like to see a 3d futa model with vagina with a penis morph because true futa has both a penis and a vagina no balls..

    • bus:


    • jonnycake:

      My Dream Girl!!!

    • cage:

      wow so hot sure would like to jerk that cock off

    • Anon:


    • hornyboy:

      So cute and hung, great!

    • Anonymous:

      I have yet to see a 3D artist that can top Blackadder’s “Dickgirls” series IMO. Especially #4! Yummmmm…

    • Jonnycake:

      Still my dream girl.

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