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Charlie Profile by Dmitrys

It’s been a while but we finally have a new profile sheet from Dmitrys, this time featuring his busty aunt Charlie. She’s always been one of my favorites, with her huge rack and ten inch dick, so it’s nice to see her in this simple pose where I can sit back and take it all […]

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    Peach Profile by Dmitrys

    Just like with the Meryl profile pic I posted back in December, Dmitrys has come up with one for Peach too. I speculated before whether or not he was going to do this for every character he has and now we know he is. I don’t know why but I’ve always been into character sheets […]

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      Happy New Year by Dmitrys

      Happy 2014! I hope you all had a fun and safe night ringing in the new year. Here’s to another great year with all of you. We have some cool stuff in store for 2014 so keep your eyes peeled. Thank you all for being a fan of the site and supporting it for these […]

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        Merry Creamy Christmas by Dmitrys

        This might be a little late, seeing how Christmas was a few days ago, but that doesn’t make it any less hot. If I woke up to this cute shemale waiting for me under the tree my whole year would be made. I love how big her hips are and her dick is absolutely perfect […]

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          Meryl Profile by Dmitrys

          Here’s something cool that Dmitrys is doing – He’s creating official profiles and stats for all his characters. He released this one of Meryl on Hentai Foundry. I don’t know if that will be the case for all of them, but it’s nice to have this one floating around for free. I think Meryl is […]

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            Treat or Treat by Dmitrys

            Now this is what I want to see when I answer the door on Halloween night. Aunt Charlie, Peach, and Scarlet look absolutely amazing! I want to give them all a very special treat so fucking bad…of course by “treat” I mean my penis. I’m glad Dmitrys finally released this pic for free on Hentai […]

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              Turbo Lover by Dmitrys

              Now that’s a biker chick. I don’t know whether to scared of Meryl or turned on by her. Ok, we all know it’s the former, but you know what I mean. Dmitrys sure loves his muscular babes. I liked Meryl better back when she was more ripped than bulky, but I wouldn’t kick her out […]

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                Come Take A Seat by Dmitrys

                I realized today that I haven’t posted a Dmitrys pin-up in a while so I figured it was a good time to correct that oversight. This piece, appropriately titled ‘Come Take A Seat’, is sort of a filler pic while he works on the next ‘Creamy Ranch’ series entry…I think. I don’t have a direct […]

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