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Peach shows off her sweet round ass – Art by Dmitrys

Here’s something all the Dmitrys fans out there are certainly going to enjoy (aren’t we all?): The renowned hentai artist has a new store where you can buy prints of some of his works. Oddly enough, most of the pics aren’t of dickgirls. That being said, my favorite is this one of cute transgender babe […]

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    Santa’s Dickgirl Reindeer by Dmitrys

    Here’s the second (and probably last) Christmas themed futanari pic of the day. Fitting that it’s by the great Dmitrys and, you know, that it’s so fucking epic. Goddamn I really wish I was somewhere in the middle of all that madness. Art by Dmitrys ~ Website Be Sociable, Share!

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      Cali-forni-Kate-ion by Dmitrys and MasterChefGuy

      Kate yanked on Cali’s leash, making the slightly-built catboy stumble behind her. “You drop that bag and there will be consequences, Cali,” she warned as they made their way across the parking lot. She was dressed in a long, glossy black coat that hid her body. He was wearing a garishly printed tanktop and silky […]

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        PMC Mercenary Meryl by Dmitrys

        Aside from the fact that it’s by Dmitrys (and the fact that I love Meryl), I thought this drawing was rather appropriate given how insane Black Friday is in the States. You pretty much need to be a highly trained PMC mercenary to survive the night. If anyone has ever done it then you know […]

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          Emily Profile by Dmitrys

          Damn, Dmitrys is on fire lately. Well, he’s always on fire, but he’s been releasing more free pics lately that have just been outstanding. I still love his profile pics the best though, and this one of Emily is no exception. Her cock bulge sticking out through her skin-tight one-piece is truly delicious. I don’t […]

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            Dinner at Aunt Charlie’s house by Dmitrys and Mercury

            The cash register rang and Charlie picked up the black plastic bag full of vibrators, dildos and other toys. She’d wanted some new training aids for Courtney’s “education”, and this store had a fantastic selection. As she approached the door, it opened, and she came face-to-face with another woman, a beautiful strawberry-blonde with sky-blue eyes […]

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              Scarlet Profile by Dmitrys

              It’s been about 7 months but we finally have a new character profile sheet by Dmitrys. W00t! I love these things and I have no idea why. I think it’s because I used to spend hours in Toys R Us as a kid reading the backs of all the G.I.Joe toy boxes while my step […]

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