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Search Results Update: Valentine’s Day Part 2

Greetings Comrades. I really liked Valentines’s day story from few years back and decided to finish up with two new pictures. Today’s update is Part 2, with part 3 coming next week. – Dmitrys Click here to see the full update at Be Sociable, Share!

Be Sociable, Share! Update: Playmate

    New Update is up! I was inspired by Centerfolds from 80s Playboy Magazines. Especially by the way they got lit. – Dmitrys Click here to see the full update at Be Sociable, Share!

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      Shemale Demon Summoning Spell – Art by Dmitrys

      Well Halloween might be over but the futa naughtiness will never stop! Here we have a witch making a bitch out of this totally ripped futa-demon! I love how the witch is so petite and so much smaller but she’s clearly in a position of utter dominance. And the sexy demoness is gorgeously muscular but […]

      Be Sociable, Share! Update: Christmas Outfits Vote

        Hey Comrades. In December I want to do 4 part series involving Peach, April and one of older family members. Help me choose outfits for Peach and April. Vote on the costume you want them to wear in this poll : – Dmitrys Click here to see more dickgirl hentai at Peach and […]

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 Update: Drithique and Mey Mey Bodybuilders

          Hello Comrades. Huge apologies for such long delay between updates. I’ll switch to doing pictures with simpler shading style for a bit to get updates more regularly. Mean wile here is picture I been working on for quiet a wile, its couple of pretty famous characters Drithique and Mey-Mey, out clubbing and drinking Gro juice, […]

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   Update: Catgirls Customization Extravaganza

            Hey Comrades. Dmitrys here with a fresh creation. Following latest trend of posting Photoshop files that you can customize, here is another one. Actually its two separate versions, one of Nekonelle a villain from Sailor-moon series and, Belaya Koshka a more “cvilian” version Nekonelle. Make sure you download both PSD files, links are above and […]

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