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More Onyxia and the Homestuck Girls by Fiveish

I added this piece to the previous Onyxia/Homestuck set. If anymore pop up I’ll just add them to that particular article as well. You can always check the image archive on Tumblr too. Art by Fiveish ~ Hentai Foundry Be Sociable, Share!

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    Two futanari schoolgirls jerking off by Mofuringu

    Hey gang, I have a question for all the LA peeps out there- Is there anywhere to go to meet passable shemales, traps, and/or CDs. Bars, locations, etc…hell, even websites. Has anyone had any luck with any of the sites we all see advertised on the web? I’m asking because I get emails about this […]

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      Onyxia fucks the Homestuck Girls by Fiveish

      Ok, here’s one for all you Homestuck fans (I know there are a lot of you out there). I have no dog in this fight because, to be completely honest, I have no fucking clue what Homestuck is other than its something a lot of people cosplay as at anime conventions. Obviously no one cosplays […]

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        Shemale Spacegirl with a huge cock by Vuccha

        Wow those are some big balls. So much so that this poor girl needs to use two hands to hold them. I can only imagine how much milky white cum they are holding inside. If she releases she’s gonna blow a hole through her skin-tight space suit for sure. Wouldn’t that be a sight to […]

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          Silly Twins Fucking Part 2 by Silly Girl

          Awesome! We finally get a follow-up to Silly Girl’s very popular Silly Twins Fucking drawing. Wow, I don’t know what to say. I absolutely love this piece, just like the last one. I hope you all do too. Oh and by the way- Silly Girl is looking for help to name her twin character. She’s […]

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            Dr. Girlfriend showing off her huge cock by Nac Nac

            I don’t know why Nac Nac put this pic in his “Scraps” folder, I fucking love it…wait, I think there’s a joke here somewhere… “Nobody put’s Dr. Girlfriend in the scraps folder” Lol that was my best Dirty Dancing reference. I don’t think it works without either saying “Baby” or “corner.” Oh well, I tried. […]

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              Hentai Girl by Majalis

              - Writer’s Note Like Hentai Guy, the pervasive self-insert eyeless/faceless guy in hentai that diddles women in their various holes, we have Hentai Girl, our inserting-into-your-self eyeless girl with a penis in hentai-style that diddles everyone in their various ass and faceholes. Her body language says “she’s going to fuck you in the mouth and/or […]

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                The Fabulous FutaGirl by ChogoRi

                Looks like the Phantom Futa is getting some competition in the world of futanari crimefighting! Say hello to the Fabulous FutaGirl! As you can see she’s a crack shot with her super-jizz! And she puts that power to good use against her rival the mighty Juggs! Now there’s a bit of a mystery to this […]

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                  The Phantom Futa
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