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Dickgirl General Chloe by Wicked Works

Art by Wicked Works ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website Be Sociable, Share!

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    Demon Dickgirl Rhyxa by Dieselbrain

    Art by Dieselbrain ~ Tumblr Rhyxa belongs to SilenceSoLoud ~ Hentai Foundry Be Sociable, Share!

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      Shemale catgirl Reena Mordio stroking her cock by AAANinja

      The first thing that popped in my head when I saw this drawing by AAANinja was how much I loved Reena Mordio’s normal proportions. In a sea of oversized dicks and tits, this piece really stands out for not going over the top. Sometimes less is more. Plus, it’s easier for me to picture myself […]

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        Unrecognizable futa girl by Garik Aliev

        Hello boys and girls! I’m fine, hope you’re even better ♥ As you know I rarely reply comments here but today I have a very srs question for you: Is it okay to draw real people (even in cartoon style) in a sexual way? I’m a fan artist so I’ve been doing it for some […]

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          Dickgirl Dancer Amidixie by JamesAB and Modeseven

          Sweet! It looks like we have a new shemale OC by the name of Amidixie. To be fair, technically I’m not sure how new she is in general, but I’ve never featured her on the site before. As far as her design goes, I especially like the piece of cloth covering her dick yet exposing […]

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            Dickgirl Misty chooses your ass to destroy – Art by Devil HS

            I think the look on my face the first time I saw this pic was the exact same as the Psyduck in the background. Both of our minds were blown by the sight of Misty’s gigantic donger. How does she even hide that monster in her shorts?! They must be like Santa’s pouch, or the […]

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              A blonde futa fucking a girl in the ass by InCase

              It looks like InCase is trying out a new, simpler art style. I don’t dislike it by any means, but I do enjoy his older style more. I do get the need to work faster and apparently this style is a lot easier to do (according to his blog) so that’s a plus. I just […]

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                Dickgirls Mackenzie & Charlotte getting milked by machines

                Damn, I was supposed to post this piece a while ago, around Christmas time I think. Oh well, better late than never. After all, I always enjoy a good dickgirl milking. Art by Silly Girl ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr Be Sociable, Share!

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