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The girl who had something to hide by Devilklin

Dammit, where were these futanari schoolgirls when I was in highschool? Must’ve been hiding in the third set of locker rooms :p In case you haven’t seen Devilklin’s 3D renders before, lemme just say that he does some gorgeous futa babes! So after you’re done admiring this chick’s perky tits, bulging nutsack and the hard […]

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    Liger Girl Plus by Taoism

    There’s a joke in here about this tiger-girl’s “one-eyed monster” and the ever famous “Eye of the Tiger” song but I won’t waste your time trying to make it work. Instead I’ll just say that this lady is a straight-up babe. She’s got the tits, got dem sweet abs, and that big fat cock! Her […]

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      Fallout 4 Dickgirl Pin-Ups by Shadman

      Shadman has been cranking out a ton of rule 34 Fallout 4 hentai these past couple of weeks. He’s like a machine or a man obsessed! I figured I should collect at least one variation of each piece for you all to check out. don’t forget, There are multiple versions of each drawing you see […]

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        Two futa girls having fun – Art by Rampage

        You know sometimes we here at Futanari Obsession try to take a classier approach to hentai. To appreciate the artistic value of a particular piece of erotica. To examine its aesthetic beauty with a discerning eye… We will not do so in this case… Holy shit! Look at these two goddamn sluts! Look at that […]

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          Star Silk fucking a bunnygirl – Art by Maple Moon

          $100 patreon commission featuring my new OC (or not so new if you follow my patreon) Silk who’s still a work in progress but the client kindly offered to let me put her into action riding some juicy girl cock. – Maple Moon I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this picture! […]

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            Futanari schoolgirls playing with each other

            I do love Neapolitan threesomes! By which I mean one girl with red hair, one with black hair and one blonde! :3 Variety does make things interesting doesn’t it? And the differences in their facial expressions really sell the scene as well! The smooth and sultry girl on the left has a soft smile as she strokes […]

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