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Shemale Jade pile driving Poison’s tgirl ass – Art by Anasheya

Thanks to darth1 for sharing this awesome commission by Anasheya. It’s a follow-up to this drawing I featured a few months ago. It’s infinitely better than anything I could have possibly imagined in my head. Not only is Jade dumping a huge load in Poison’s ass, but the latter is blasting herself in the face […]

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    Spider-Girl caught jerking off upside down

    Art by OneEyedNeko ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon Be Sociable, Share!

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      New 52 Supergirl fucking shemale Supergirl in the ass

      Another wonderful piece of selfcest hentai (my new favorite thing) by Anasheya. I love the fact that she gave them both slightly different sized penises. Shit, I just love the way Anasheya draws tgirl dicks in general- Always the right size and sexy as hell. The only thing is, I just wish it were me […]

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        Batgirl giving Oracle a blowjob – Art by Anasheya

        I think I can safely say that I never, in all my years of looking at porn online, thought I would see something like this. I mean, yea, Rule 34 and all that, but come on. Did you ever think you would see shemale Batgirl giving Oracle (herself, basically) a blow job? I didn’t think […]

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          Tgirl Rylee posing nude for the first time

          Rylee never posed naked in front of a camera, especially since she grew a cock. But I think we can get her to feel comfortable. More pics of Rylee and others over on – Supro Art by Supro ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website ~ Patreon Rylee belongs to Supro Be Sociable, Share!

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            The Plain Doll (Dickgirl version) from Bloodborne by Shadman

            Who’s playing Bloodborne and what do you think of it? I’m a hardcore PlayStation guy, but I’m gonna be honest with you, I’ll never play it. Why? Mainly for the same reason I never got into the Souls series- I have no interest in being frustrated by the game I play. I mean, I get […]

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              Shemale Kinzie Kensington fucking a girl in the ass

              Art by Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry Be Sociable, Share!

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