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Futanari catgirl Nenette tasting her own cum

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Nenette since C0RROS1ON didn’t give her much of a description when he posted the pic on Hentai Foundry. If anyone knows who she belongs to, or what her background story is, please let me know. Until then I’ll just sit back and watch her enjoying the taste of her […]

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    Miranda Lawson getting her ass filled by two dickgirls

    The last commission I’m going to do for now and the second commission of the orc Curlette “the conqueror” for Orloc that I’ve done. Now in kahoots with his other futa character, an Asari named Amarieth. And they dick none other than Miranda Lawson there. Atleast, I tried to make her look like Miranda, but […]

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      Emily: SecondLife Dickgirl Pin-up – Art by Athena Obviate

      Im a SecondLife Dickgirl/Futanari Woman who works as a model and part time mother, Im a single parent and work hard to take care of both my daughters. I also work as a part time model for a In-world magazine called Cocktail Magazine that you can find online. and most of my hobbies include working […]

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        Dickgirl Alyssa shows off her big ass – Art by Botslim

        Goddamn I love big asses. Kinda like Sir Mix-a-Lot except my favorites are the ones with cocks and balls hanging down below them, like this drawing by Botslim. I just want to stick my face between those giant cheeks and go to town! Side note: I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but I […]

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          A shemale teacher fucking her dickgirl student – Art by InCase

          I don’t know about you all, but I wish to god I went attended that school growing up. I’d get straight As for sure! But only if the teach kept me after class for special tutoring. I’m more of a “positive reinforcement” kinda guy. Hey, maybe punishment works for this girl and the teacher knows […]

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            A Twin-Tail’d Dickgirl by Cyan Capsule

            Heyo! Random character design. Felt like drawing 4 bewbs and a canine dong, this is my first one! – Cyan Capsule Art by Cyan Capsule ~ Hentai Foundry ~ FurAffinity ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon Be Sociable, Share!

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