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A shemale googirl fucking a guy in the ass by InCase

Holy fucking shit. This is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of hentai quite like this. Of course, we’ve all seen googirl and slimegirl porn before, but the way these two are intricately intertwined is absolutely stunning. Plus the fact that she’s jerking him off through herself is a stroke of genius. […]

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    Moon Young Lee from Girls of the Wild’s by Ero-Kimi

    This was a submission for Wetblush, but I kinda made this more for you guys, since you guys seemed to fall in love with Roxanne (and I mean… I did too). Here she is, hair dyed and costume dawned: Moon Young Lee from Girls of the Wild’s! Hope you all had a safe and awesome […]

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      R.I.P. – Doors Closing Nov. 15

      This is the sort of update that Is hard to write. All of you have been amazing with your support but at some point the business model needs to be seriously considered viable or not. Prismgirls hasn’t been covering its costs since may. The majority of the time the artists payment was covered but there […]

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        A dickgirl Drow fucking a shemale angel in the ass

        Wow, this piece by Ningyon is absolutely stunning! I love every single thing about it, but the angel’s fire cum is kinda terrifying. I want to play with her big cock, but I’m afraid of what might come out of it. I imagine that’s the same thing a lot of girls think the first time […]

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          Blue Dickgirl Minions by Buru

          Since I was just raving about his artwork, I figured I’d feature another piece of League of Legends futanari hentai by Buru. You know, just to drive home the point that you all should be following him on Tumblr and Hentai Foundry. Since I have no idea who these characters are, I’ll just say this: […]

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            The Silly Girl twins and Mamma Silly having a threesome

            This might be one of the most epic pieces of hentai I’ve ever posted on the site. Not only does it feature two shemale twins fucking each other and their mom (hot!), but said twins and their mother are actually based on the artist, Silly Girl. She basically drew herself with a dick twice and […]

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              Futanari goo girl Strawberry Milk by Yogurtmilk

              I know this drawing is like a year old, but I just stumbled across it on Hentai Foundry this morning and wanted to share it with you guys. Afterall, you can never have too many futanari goo girls in my opinion, especially when they are as cute as Strawberry Milk is. I think this might […]

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                Marcella fucks a girl in the ass on the beach

                Here’s the second pic in our three-part spotlight series on Maxbass’ OC, Marcella Highthorn. In this piece of hentai by Jinxii we see Marcella make a deposit in (and on) one lucky girl’s ass. I’m not sure who this mystery chick is, but I will forever be jealous of her. That should be my ass […]

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