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Alien Dickgirls From Space! by Vitalis

Do you like beautifully drawn futanari comics that features sexy space aliens with big dicks that like to have sex with hot human girls? You’re in luck, I have just the comic for you – Alien Dickgirls From Space! by Vitalis. I don’t want to ruin the twist for you so just check out the […]

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    Talking Dirty page 1 by InCase for PrismGirls

    Alright alright alright. There’s a new 13 page comic by InCase called “Talking Dirty” exclusively on if you guys wanna check it out. The pic above is page 1. According to InCase the comic is “about a dickgirl and a crossdresser having problems communicating. It also has dicks, butts, sexy lingerie and bondage.” There […]

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      Morning Wood by D1ckgirl

      Ok, I really like this pic but I wish to god she was cumming on her own face. Trust me, I’m not complaining or anything, but come on…please D1ckgirl, make an alternate self-facial version of this piece for us to get off to. I would love you forever for it. D1ckgirl is kinda new to […]

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        Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief by Silly Girl

        Here’s one for all you Magic: The Gathering fans out there – Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief by Silly Girl. I like the pool of pre-cum she left at the foot of her chair. I would like to clean it up with my tongue. Speaking of Magic: The Gathering…does anyone still play that? It’s been around forever. […]

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          Prism Girls: “Melting” by InCase

          Even though InCase has been cranking out new pics lately we can all remember those dark few months when he went off the grid. If you were curious what he was working on during that time then let me enlighten you. He was working on a comic for Prism Girls called “Melting.” Not only is […]

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            Power Girl vs Black Widow by Lucien

            Wow, I am beyond impressed by this pic. Blown away if you will…speechless…whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is: this is just plain amazing. It’s so good in fact that I can almost hear the sound of Black Widow gagging on Power Girl’s giant dong. It gives new meaning to the term “balls […]

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              Silly Twins Fucking by Silly Girl

              The hentai artist known as Silly Girl has some really awesome commissioners (or just one really phenomenal one), they are always having her draw herself as a sexy futa or shemale. Here someone came up with the amazing idea to have Silly Dick-Girl (see what I did there?) fuck her twin in the ass. I […]

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                Shemale Camgirl by VincentCC

                Heya guys!! Here I go with a new commission! :3 This time is a blonde beauty, and it has been a pleasure creating her for the team of (under construction), a new webcam site. This picture will be use like the logo and all promotional banners. Our Blonde beauty had a hard work day […]

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