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An alien dickgirl makes her escape by PBR

Since the only thing I know about this piece is that it’s called “Escape” and PBR’s write-up is “Will she make it?” so I’m just going to call her Escape. I think that’s kind of a cool name, don’t you? I hope Escape makes it because that cock is just begging for some attention right […]

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    Two futanari schoolgirls messing around

    Lol I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here. A fan of the site sent me the link to this pic on Gelbooru and I couldn’t stop laughing. I knew right away that I had to share it with you all. I think the artist’s name might be “nikcib” but I’m not 100% sure. […]

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      More Onyxia and the Homestuck Girls by Fiveish

      I added this piece to the previous Onyxia/Homestuck set. If anymore pop up I’ll just add them to that particular article as well. You can always check the image archive on Tumblr too. Art by Fiveish ~ Hentai Foundry Be Sociable, Share!

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        Two futanari schoolgirls jerking off by Mofuringu

        Hey gang, I have a question for all the LA peeps out there- Is there anywhere to go to meet passable shemales, traps, and/or CDs. Bars, locations, etc…hell, even websites. Has anyone had any luck with any of the sites we all see advertised on the web? I’m asking because I get emails about this […]

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          Onyxia fucks the Homestuck Girls by Fiveish

          Ok, here’s one for all you Homestuck fans (I know there are a lot of you out there). I have no dog in this fight because, to be completely honest, I have no fucking clue what Homestuck is other than its something a lot of people cosplay as at anime conventions. Obviously no one cosplays […]

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            Shemale Spacegirl with a huge cock by Vuccha

            Wow those are some big balls. So much so that this poor girl needs to use two hands to hold them. I can only imagine how much milky white cum they are holding inside. If she releases she’s gonna blow a hole through her skin-tight space suit for sure. Wouldn’t that be a sight to […]

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              Silly Twins Fucking Part 2 by Silly Girl

              Awesome! We finally get a follow-up to Silly Girl’s very popular Silly Twins Fucking drawing. Wow, I don’t know what to say. I absolutely love this piece, just like the last one. I hope you all do too. Oh and by the way- Silly Girl is looking for help to name her twin character. She’s […]

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                Dr. Girlfriend showing off her huge cock by Nac Nac

                I don’t know why Nac Nac put this pic in his “Scraps” folder, I fucking love it…wait, I think there’s a joke here somewhere… “Nobody put’s Dr. Girlfriend in the scraps folder” Lol that was my best Dirty Dancing reference. I don’t think it works without either saying “Baby” or “corner.” Oh well, I tried. […]

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