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Totally Spies Hentai by Ultra Fem – Exclusive

I think I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating. For those of you not familiar with Totally Spies, let me just say that it is one of the most fetishistic cartoons to ever be aired on TV. Just about every episode had the one or all of the three leads getting transformed […]

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    Futanari Obsession Exclusive: Mass Effect’s Tali by Ultra Fem

    There’s nothing better than waking up to an awesome piece of futanari hentai sitting in your inbox. That was the case today when Lisa sent me this rendering of Mass Effect’s Tali with a huge cock that I could post exclusively on Futanari Obsession. And now I get to spread the love to all my […]

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      Futanari Sister of Battle by Ultra Fem – FO Exclusive

      I woke up to a nice surprise waiting for me in my inbox today: An exclusive pic from Lisa Hayes (aka Ultra Fem) for Futanari Obsession! Lisa drew the female version of this Sister of Battle, from Warhammer 40K, on her Live Stream the other night but then transformed her into the well-hung shemale you […]

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        Futa Red She-Hulk fucking Lana Kane by Ultra Fem

        Ughnnn must write post…before jerking off……ughnnnnn…………too late. And I’m back! Why am I so excited about this pic, you ask? Because I fucking love Lana Kane (I even have an exclusive commissioned piece of her by Oni on MPL Toons – Click here to see it). Also, I love me some Ultra Fem futanari hentai especially when […]

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          Mass Effect futanari threesome by Ultra Fem

          Wow, if there is one thing Lisa Hayes knows how to draw its busty futas. Here we have Miranda Lawson beating off while blowing Samara, and Kelly Chambers. This definitely rekindles me desire to play Mass Effect but since I don’t have a 360 I might wait to see if Microsoft does a bundle with […]

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            The Phantom Futa retro pinup by Ultra Fem

            Thanks to Lisa Hayes we now know what The Phantom Futa would look like if she made her debut during the Golden Age of comics! I’m a huge fan of retro-style comic book artwork and Lisa pulls it off perfectly. There’s just something fun and dynamic about it that really makes me smile. My favorite […]

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              Futanari Frost cumming by Ultra Fem

              Oh God, I came from just looking at this pic – I didn’t even have to touch myself! Why is that, you ask? Ummm do you not know about my insanely unhealthy obsession with Mortal Kombat’s Frost? I have a statue of her sculpted by my friend sitting on my desk that was given to […]

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                Happy Futanari Valentine’s Day by Ultra Fem

                Here’s a Futanari Obsession Exclusive alternate version by Ultra Fem. Since she hasn’t posted the original image yet this will just be a normal exclusive piece for the time being lol. Anyways I hope everyone has a great day and enjoyjerking off to this image as much as I do! God there is nothing hotter […]

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