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Shemale Jan playing with her huge tits – Art by Ultra Fem

Here’s an exclusive piece of tgirl hentai for Futanari Obsession by our friend Lisa Hayes (aka Ultra Fem). In case you are unfamiliar with the Space Ghost from the 60’s cartoon (or the hilarious Space Ghost Coast to Coast from the late 90’s) then you might not know who Jan is. She’s one of Space […]

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    Futanari Sally Jupiter by Ultra Fem

    I’ve had a thing for Sally Jupiter ever since the first time I saw Watchmen. Well, maybe I should say I’ve had a thing for Carla Gugino- she’s the one that played Sally Jupiter in the movie. Her tits have been on my radar ever since she showed them off in Sin City. Of course, […]

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      Morticia Addams and Thing servicing Lily Munster

      Just in time for Halloween, here’s a Futanari Obsession exclusive pic by Ultra Fem featuring Morticia Addams and Thing (from The Addams family) giving Lily Munster (The Munsters) a, errrrr, helping hand. I used to watch re-runs of both shows growing up so, for me at least, this hits all the right spots. I was […]

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        Futanari Emma Stone by Ultra Fem

        In keeping with the Ultra Fem theme we have going on this morning, here’s a pic of Emma Stone with a huge dong (and big ole knockers). I can only assume that she’s covered in her own jizz – judging by the size of her penis, I’d say it’s a safe bet. Would you let […]

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          Futanari Captain Hammer by Ultra Fem – Exclusive

          I have a questions for you guys: Is it still “Rule 63” if it’s a futa? Hmmmmmmmm So, for those you that don’t know what’s going on, here’s the deal – We have Captain Hammer (played by Nathan Fillion, a guy) from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog as a female (this is normal Rule 63) that […]

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            Totally Spies Hentai by Ultra Fem – Exclusive

            I think I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating. For those of you not familiar with Totally Spies, let me just say that it is one of the most fetishistic cartoons to ever be aired on TV. Just about every episode had the one or all of the three leads getting transformed […]

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