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A cute futa wants to feed you her cum pudding

A cute futa wants to feed you her cum

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I really want to like this pic but for some reason I can’t get past the look of her cum. It doesn’t look right. Is it supposed to be mixed with the pudding? Is it just pudding and there is no actual cum in it? Why isn’t it white if it is semen? Maybe I am obsessing too much but please fill me in if I am missing the point. I would say that aside from that I like the pic but the “cum pudding” is so in-your-face that I can’t look past it. I do think the artist did a great job technically with the overall piece but if the stuff that’s in the spoon looked more like normal semen I would fucking love it!

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    18 Responses to “A cute futa wants to feed you her cum pudding”

    • daryll:

      I agree with the coloring thing. I think the artist did it to give it a little bit more texture. But I think it would be a lot hotter if the cum were whiter.

    • daryll:

      OH. I didn’t realize there was actual pudding involved. . . Looks like it’s supposed to be pudding with cum in it, judging by the fact that her dick is covered in pudding.

    • iRagazzi:

      i know what you mean about the pic. it would look a thousand times better if that pudding had some more cum in it. i want to believe that she used her pudding cup to beat off then grabbed spoonful of it, trying to feed it to us. if i didnt explain myself right, just take a look at her cock.

    • Root:

      Why does cookie dough come to mind when I’m looking at this?

    • Some Guy:

      Cum, pudding or cum and pudding? Don’t care, this pic is hot.

    • Futa Maniac:

      i concur more with Root’s idea of cookie dough wen i see this, yet idc im still gonna beat myself to this

    • Futa Maniac:

      also wtf! i wuz the 5th comment not tht guy…Some Guy. lol wat r the cahnces we both put a comment on the same day…at the same time.

    • Reaper:

      It seems more like she had her way with it like in the American Pie movie! XD Now all she’s doing is offering us some cock flavored flan!

    • Jimbo:

      I am with reaper. It looks like she had all this pudding on her hard cock and collected it into the spoon. Cant see any traces of cum in there

    • Futa King:

      it appears to me that the pudding was used as lube and would add a certain… how should i say this… flavor to the cum? making it spoon feeding worthy.

    • Cyborger:

      I don’t see any cum in that pudding. I’d rather be feed fresh cum anyway.

    • kashk:

      Apart from the spoon and whats in the spoon i love this pic

    • Futa King:

      you dont see any cum on her cock either do you? lol

    • that guy:

      whos the artist i can kinda see a signature in the back but cnat make it out?

    • Futa Fan:

      @that guy – I’m not 100% sure but I think the artist is “Jajala”

    • Aman:

      Her cock has a HUGE vein

    • Jaden:

      Her smile makes me want it more XD

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