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Damn it, I want to work at the HF Hotel. They have awesome perks. I’d gladly accept a face fucking by Anastasia as my tip. Hell, that could be my whole paycheck for the day. It would be so worth it.

This is Comix Mill’s awesome entry in the HF Hotel contest currently happening on Hentai Foundry. I mentioned the contest a while back, but can’t remember which post it was so here’s the link again. I hope this one wins for at least one of the categories. I fucking love Comix Mill’s art. Not only is it super cartoony (which I dig) but it’s super sexual too. The juxtaposition is fucking awesome (as is the semen exploding out of the bellhop’s mouth).

I’m also digging Anastasia Shepard, though I don’t know too much about her. The purple streaks in her hair are a neat touch and helps her stand out from the crowd. I look forward to seeing more of her and her big cock in the future!

Art by Comix Mill ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website
Anastasia Shepard is owned by Anastasia ~ Hentai Foundry

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