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A little trap maid fucked in the ass

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I’ve been meaning to post this GIF for a while now, but I keep putting it on the back burner for some reason. I think because I’m still unsure whether or not you all like the trap stuff I’ve been posting. Which is kind of a funny thing for me to say since I’ve been posting a lot of it lately. I guess I should just follow my gut and if I like this piece I should feature it because there’s probably a lot of you out there that feels the same way.

So here it is- One of the most epic GIFs I have ever seen. The original art was created by famed femboi hentai artist, Po-Ju, thile the animation was done by nikciB. I hope you all dig it and aren’t turned off by the shota-ness of it.

Art by Po-Ju
Animation by nikciB ~ Tumblr

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