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A Night in the Library by Pirate Cashoo

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Hallelujah! Brothers and sisters, my immortal soul has been saved!

For an angel did visit me in the night! I was in the library perusing various erm…gentlemen’s special interest books, when she appeared to me.

As the two moons rose in the starry skies, she descended from the high heavens to alight in my window. I gazed upon her sweet face, transfixed by the shining blue of her eyes and the gentle innocence of her smile. My attention drifted downwards, noting she was dressed in holy garments of the laciest and skimpiest sort. She raised a delicate hand and grasped the gossamer trim of her brassiere and carefully lowered it.  The supple curves of her bosom and rosy nubs were revealed, displaying the rich fullness of her body.

The angel pressed a hand against my shoulder and I, utterly entranced by her beauty, fell back into my seat. She rose above me and my eyes grew wide as I saw a male organ of hefty length and girth spring forth.

I glanced up to the angel’s face in surprise but her serene expression calmed me at once. She began to stroke her magnificent shaft, her pace steadily building speed. Her holy rod began to pulse and twitch as it prepared to release its burden.

Some instinct led me to open my mouth wide at that moment. My lips parted just in time to receive the angel’s holy blessing as she bestowed upon me her thick, sacred seed.


– Brother Rexxon of the Church of the Holy Rod

[UPDATE: To anyone interested in getting a piece of artwork from Pirate Cashoo, she is currently open for accepting sketch commissions over on her deviantArt account.

She is accepting bust/portrait sketch commissions for $20 as well as fullbody sketch commissions for $50. And these sketches are big. Really big. They measure in at around 3300 pixels/11 inches maximum and 300 DPI. They’re very polished for a sketch and they are of course done in Pirate Cashoo’s amazingly beautiful style.

Examples of sketch commissions follow below.



So if you want to get some gorgeous sketched artwork commissioned at incredibly affordable rates, please head over and take a look!]

Pirate Cashoo ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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