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A question about Reddit

Hey everyone
I have a question about Reddit. I post all my futa stuff to (which I created) and all my links get downvoted all the time. That doesn’t happen when I post to other subreddits that I own, just /r/FutanariHentai/. I think it’s just one person doing it because it always happens during the day but if I post at night sometimes it won’t get down voted. Is there anything I can do about this because I get a lot of traffic from Reddit but if my shit keeps getting down voted no one sees it.

Obviously a lot of my posts on /r/FutanariHentai/ have good upvotes, but that’s because I usually delete the ones that got instantly downvoted and re-uploaded them at like 2am. Trust me when I say, someone is doing it on purpose. Like they’ve targeted /r/FutanariHentai/ for some reason, at least compared to all the other subreddits I run.

If anyone knows what I can do about this or if I can see who’s doing it please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    5 Responses to “A question about Reddit”

    • Jonathan:

      Why did you don’t make a Tumblr page for all the futanari pictures ?

    • Bender Bending rodriguez:

      Only way I see is if you can block that particular user if you find out who he is. Ask an admin for a tracker or something.
      Its unfortunate that ppl like that exist. They’re not even trolls theyre just assholes. Reminds me of one particular fuckwit from funnyjunk (back when that site wasn’t utter shit). Potterwatch. He by the literal definition downvoted everything on the entire site and lagged out the servers for day or so. Whats worse is he was crafty about it. He waited untill he was a very high level. Then he deleted every post and comment of his own so he would receive no retaliation.

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @Jonathan – What? That’s two different questions in one. I made a Tumblr page as an image archive so people could go back and see all the pics easily without having to go through the entire site

      @Bender Bending rodriguez – Ok, thanks. I’ll look into contacting an admin.


      It could be due to not being uploaded to imgur or something? Some people go mental for that shit. That said, love the site, keep up the good work.

    • Seymour Asses:

      It was me mwahahahahaha.jk

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