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A Rabbit’s Tribal Dance by Xatiav

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CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Why hello rabbit-tribe futa-ladies!

Before I get into why I freaking love this work by Xatiav, let me say that it has been seriously cropped down to fit into this blog. So be sure to click the image and see the whole thing at Hentai Foundry. Trust me, you want to see it at full size.

OK, a lot going on in this picture. Where to begin?

How about with the setting? I’m loving the tribal theme going on here. The forested background is done in washed out colors so the futa-tribeswomen and their victim/lover Sponty really stand out! Their bright body paints and decorative feathers are gorgeous, eye-catching colors. I especially like how the branches on that tiny tree have been carved and painted into blue cocks!

And Sponty’s looking positively cum-drunk! She may be restrained but she’s certainly not unwilling, judging by how happily she’s taking those thick loads to the face and her gorgeous tits are squirting out streams of milk.

Of course what futanari picture would be complete without cocks? Lots and lots of cocks!

Let’s see, there’s Sponty’s cock, which has a chain of beads stuck down it and is tied off at the base so her balls are pumping out more and more cum with no way to relieve the pressure! You can see the little veins and the reddened flesh of her cock that she’s seriously pent up and ready to explode! There’s some lucky tribeswoman plunging her shaft balls-deep into Sponty’s ass, while more cum leaks out of her own pucker. Another tribeswoman is spurting thick jizz into a ceremonial bowl while torturing Sponty with her talented tongue. Two more are jockeying for position so they can give Sponty a nice facial. And remember how I said you’ll want to see this in full size?

Well there’s another cock just to the right that’s been cropped out as well as two more tribeswomen hiding out to the left. If their rock-hard erections are any hint, they’re all impatiently waiting for their turn with their tribe’s lovely new captive!

Xatiav’s got few pieces on HF at the moment, but the gallery is growing and has a lot of great futanari stuff in the mix. All of it is done in this wonderful, almost oil-painted style that’s beautiful to look at. So go and show the artist some love!

– Rexxon

Xatiav ~ Hentai Foundry

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