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A red haired futa fucked by tentacles

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Damn, I’ve been in such a futanari tentacle mood lately. Unfortunately not too many artists have been uploading those kinda pics recently. I mean, there have been a few, but you know what I mean. When you’re in the mood for something you want to see a lot of it. Jah feel? (I just re-watched 21 Jump Street)

Thankfully Fanatiq came through with this awesome rendering of a cute red haired futa getting her holes destroyed by tentacles. I love it. I could totally see this being made into a flash animation too. That would be rad.

I don’t know what the character’s name is or if she’s someone’s OC but if I see more of her I’ll definitely post it. Especially if she’s getting fucked by a horny tentacle monster.

Art by Fanatiq ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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