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A vampire dickgirl helps you ring in 2011 – Happy New Year!

Vampire futanari loli by Yozora

Happy New Year's Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post and say that I hope you guys have a safe and fun night tonight. I’m gonna get fucked up with some friends and crash at their house so your friendly neighborhood pornographer will be in no danger of getting a DUI. Just a heads up, I’ll be back in LA on the 5th and then I’ll be on a more regular/frequent update schedule. Thanks for all your love and support this year, it really means a lot to me.

In the words of Dr. Peter Venkman – “See you on the other side Ray”

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    4 Responses to “A vampire dickgirl helps you ring in 2011 – Happy New Year!”

    • Futa Maniac:

      its gonna b an awesome new YEAR!

    • Lord Futa:

      New Year’s resolution: Finally find a sex futanari to fuck my mouth hard 🙂

    • FutaBanger:

      Enough with the vampires, yeah sure i used to beat my meat to some of theses but now twilight made vampires soooo lame and dumb i cant enjoy them anymore..

    • Ventrex:

      Yeah twilight suck the Cirque Du Freak movie was a totally epic fail but the books still rock and the demonata series are good for ppl who are tierd of vamps i am i see them every were but i still like thim its just twilight vamps (if pushed enogh) ill totaly devote my live to killin but i love futa i seen a pic with a futa vamp cummin with a cross in her it was wierd well this was my first comment on here but i love this site

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