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Aeron by SlaveOfNewOrder

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At SlaveOfNewOrder’s Blog

SlaveOfNewOrder is giving everyone on the internets their daily dose of Vitamin Triple-D: Demonic Dame with Dick (part of a balanced diet)

This tasty futa demoness has got one seriously powerful cock. If you look at the two versions you can see the veins throb and bulge visibly along the length of her shaft as she cums. I for one would love to run my suck her cockhead, trace each pulsing vein with my tongue and tenderly kiss and nuzzle those huge, swaying balls. But it would be a crime to leave her perfectly rounded tits and dusky nipples neglected. So I’d pinch and play and bounce those boobs while servicing her dick. The squishy firmness of her tits, the rigid hardness of her rod, the drum-tight skin over her sack, the warm gooey feel of her cum on my skin. After worshiping this creature of the damned, I’d happily die of blissful sensory overload!

Thank you SlaveOfNewOrder for spawning yet another seductive hellspawn for us to love and cherish!

And remember, if you don’t like the taste of Vitamin Triple-D, you could always ask this purple-skinned succubus to inject it into the opening of your choice!

– Rexxon

SlaveOfNewOrder ~ Hentai FoundryOfficial Blog

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At SlaveOfNewOrder’s Blog

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