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Agent Fury by Kras

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

And here I thought secret agents were supposed to be stealthy!

Not this one though! She’s anything but subtle by the look of things. Big thighs, wide-flared hips and a nice cushy ass on the bottom, jumbo-sized jiggling juggs on the top and a rockhard pillar of cock in between!  Not to mention the fucking GEYSER of jizz she’s shooting up into the air!

I’m betting that she was trying to sneak inside a secured building, but the only way in was through a teeny-tiny ventilation shaft. So she had to squeeze herself in one boob after the other, then wiggle her plush ass until it popped inside. Then her curvaceous body would have been pressed up against the sides of the narrow shaft, her breasts spreading out into soft pillows, her nipples rubbing along the vent. As her sensitive nubs get dragged forward, her cock starts to twitch and grow erect, trapped inside her skintight stealth suit and the cramped vent. Then the head of her cock starts to rub the vent through the fabric of her suit, until finally her balls are fit to burst and she has no choice but to hop out of the nearest vent for an emergency jack-off session.

Big props to Kras and the folks at for sharing this cum-crazed covert agent and her “Solid Snake”!

– Rexxon

Kras ~

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