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Ahri’s Lusts by Iri-neko

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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Katarina Du Couteau was a very proud woman. And as a very proud woman she did not appreciate being bested by what she considered a wild animal. The last thing she remembered saying before her Nexus was destroyed, therefore, was not exactly a surprise. ‘Fuck you, you upstart fox bitch. You’re nothing but a wild animal!’. As Ahri walked toward her with a slightly malevolent look on her face, Katarina thought that maybe that wasn’t the best thing she could have said.

No, Katarina thought, that was definitely not the best thing I could have said. She wasn’t sure where she was. In a hut of some kind, but there are an almost innumerable amount of huts in the world, so that didn’t help too much. Her hands were cuffed in front of her, though, and it seemed very breezy. She looked down and saw to her disgust that she was wearing her ‘Kitty Cat’ clothing. A giggle and a smooth voice said ‘Well, how nice of you to join the ranks of the awake. It’s almost three hours past noon.’ Ahri paused for a moment to see if Katarina would reply, but she only spat in Ahri’s face. ‘I was going to remark about you being a… tame animal,’ Ahri said as she looked slowly over Katarina’s figure and current ‘outfit’, ‘but it seems you might be just as ‘wild’ as I am,’ she giggled softly.

Katarina spat again. ‘Where are we? And why am I wearing these ridiculous clothes? I hate these clothes,’ she said through gritted teeth.

‘We are here,’ Ahri replied airily, ‘and because I think they suit you. I even added your little make-up whisker things. They’re not as good as mine, not being real and all, but I thought you should have the full ensemble.’

Katarina spat again. ‘Where are we?’ she asked again.

‘Oh, fine. Your spitting is getting annoying,’ she made a face. ‘It’s a small town on the outskirts of the Demacian border. It’s not too small enough to escape the notice of Noxus or Demacia, and it’s often involved in skirmishes and raids on both sides. I’d say almost all of the residents of this town harbour some hate towards Noxus. I’d imagine they’d harbour even more hate towards the famed Katarina Du Couteau.’

Ahri suppressed one of the giggles that came so easily to her at the look on Katarina’s face. Katarina was a very skilled combatant, Ahri admitted to herself, but even a very skilled combatant sometimes has difficulty fighting when they are handcuffed and facing off against dozens of opponents. ‘Oh, don’t worry, we’ll be leaving-”-Where?’ Katarina asked sharply.’-soon,’ Ahri finished. ‘Where? Well that’s a hard question to answer. Let’s just say I’m going somewhere, and you’re going somewhere… slightly lower,’ she giggled to herself. ‘Let’s get started.’

She stood up abruptly and Katarina was jerked roughly forward, not anticipating the leash that Ahri had attached to her handcuffs. As Ahri walked to the door, Katarina asked her politely, hoping that she could perhaps appeal to her by being less… herself, ‘Why are you doing this, Ahri? This is against the rules of the League.’

Ahri simply smiled to herself as she continued toward the door and opened it, sunlight pouring into the room. ‘You’ll see soon enough, little Kitty Cat. Oh, before we leave…’ she bent and started attaching padded shackles to Katarina’s ankles,’ they have a bit of slack so you can walk comfortably, but I wouldn’t try running in them.’ Ahri then removed Kat’s leash and reattached it to her collar. ‘And don’t worry about the rules of the League. I’ve found a way around that,’ she stuck out her tongue.

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Art by Iri-neko ~ Hentai Foundry
Story by Monsinne ~ Hentai Foundry

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    • PiKApi:

      OMFG , IRI Neko, jhonestly, i would fap to this all day long O_O

      i mean the details are too marvelous that make me drool on my desk. and with a little fan fiction, my imagination will surely create some good image out of it hopefully, but plz, i’m beggin you, do more of these :O (drawing as well)

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