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Alice fucked by Rain and Medic – Art by Pupete

Resident Evil futanari hentai at Futanari Obsession

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Godbless DirtyDale and his love for all things Milla Jovovich. Most every Milla pic you see on Hentai Foundry (including this one) was commissioned by him. This piece, featuring Alice (Milla Jovovich) from the first Resident Evil movie getting fucked by Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) and Medic (??), was beautifully rendered by Pupete and is a great addition to DirtyDale’s library (and ours).

I love the look on Alice’s face as Medic buries her cock deep inside her ass, but for me the real star is Rain. I absolutely love Michelle Rodriguez. I’ve always had a thing for her, but she moved into my top 5 list when I saw her wearing that leather outfit at the end of Machete. Seriously, I almost rubbed one out in the theater right then and there. I’d love to see Pupete or someone do a solo futa pic of her. Can someone make that happen? Please and thank you.

Oh and in case you don’t know who Medic is here’s her IMDb page -> Liz May Brice. Her character’s name in the first Resident Evil movie was “Medic” (obvi) and she got her head cut off by the laser trap thingy (spoiler alert hahaha).

Art by Pupete ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot

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