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All I Want For Christmas by Uthstar01

World of Warcraft Draenei futanari hentai

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How the hell did I not see this before Christmas? If I had I would have posted it yesterday. Oh well, chalk it up to holiday insanity with the family lol

Uthstar01 doesn’t have a lot of images in his(her?) portfolio but what he does have is fucking awesome. I love his clean line work, his attention to detail, and his anatomy is realistic yet slightly stylized (a plus in my book). This piece in particular caught my eye because of the unique upwards angle that really lets the viewer focus in on Nanako’s cock, pussy, and anus all at once – The futanari hentai trifecta! Not too many artists can pull off a piece like this with little to no flaws in the character’s proportions but Uthstar01 seems to do it with ease. In my opinion he is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on in 2012.

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