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All The Queens’ Cum – Chapter 1

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“God Damn, she’s beautiful”. It’s a warm summer day by the waterfall. The sway of the trees and pond water from the cool breezes make up the ambient sound, along with the occasional frog, cricket and cicada. The sounds of nature are enough to hide the sudden whispers and other noises coming from the young Damien Medina. Damien, the muscular, red-skinned, horn-and-tail-having, dreadlocked, slightly tattooed & pierced Deminar managed to find a sneaky and shady spot by the pond where he could spy on a beautiful female Deminar, who is bathing near the gorgeous waterfall just merely a few feet away.

The helpless victim is Harper Xross. The crimson-skinned Vixen has incredibly deep curves, with star tattoos that run down from her ribs to her thighs on her right side, radiant violet eyes, a cute and short tail, and a sexy punk haircut; (the left half of her head is shaved, and the other with flowing black hair). Oh, and the best part about Harper? Right between her toned abs and her voluminous thighs, is a thick, long, and red veiny cock. That’s what make the Deminari race special; All their men and women have penises. This introduces an interesting dynamic for love; most Deminari females usually have male and female partners that like to either top, bottom, or both. For Harper’s case, her tough but confidently sexy personality attracts so many women to her, and she loves to please every one of them with stuffing their butts. However, although it’s rare, when she finds a male (or her girlfriend Kayden Reigns on a good day) that can match or exceed those qualities of her personality, she can’t help but let her panties drop, knees buckle, and get pounded by strong and deserving partners.

Unfortunately, Damien has failed this test. Usually, he runs rampant all over the Deminari Domain, succumbing to any urge he gets and takes whatever female available to cure him. But when he first approached Harper, he was a marshmallow; fidgeting, stuttering his words, trouble making eye contact. She thought it was cute at first, knowing Damien’s track record with the other Deminari girls, but ultimately “cute” is not the material she yearns to be a butt buddy for. However, she still found Damien to be a smoking hot hunk, and thinking about him did pique her curiosity about something else.

The last time they had spoken, Damien had cleaned up his image, pumped his chest out, stiffened his jaw and went to claim his woman. Damien saw Harper traveling through her usual forest path, and approached her with a keen look and swooped his way alongside her.

“Hey.” He said this more with his lustful eyes than his mouth.

“Oh, why hello there, Mr. Confident.” Harper jested in reply, throwing a playful elbow at him to thwart off his advances. Damien did not waver and just warmly smiled back.

“I know you’ve made fun of me a lot for my awkwardness in the past…” Damien swooped at Harper grabbing her shoulders and placing her against a tree, staring deep into her eyes. “But I know you’re into me.”

Damien softened his grip and his hands began to glide down to Harper’s waist. Her breathing became shallow and her mouth agape at the sudden overwhelming Damien. His eyes now turned to her lips as he motioned closer to her. “So let’s stop playing games” Damien softly growled.

Damien did not allow a millisecond of hesitation in his travel towards her lips as he embraced her for a kiss. Such spontaneous action and Damien’s deep voice did not give Harper much to argue; she accepted the kiss and wrapped her arms around his shoulders almost as if it was involuntarily. After a few seconds of tongue tasting, Harper pulled back suddenly.

“Wait” Harper said sweetly with a smirk as she gazed at him with her deep purple eyes, “How come you were so shy with me before?”

“I don’t know,” Damien said as he combed her back behind her ear “I guess you’re more special than the other girls.”

Harper responded by wrapping her arms around Damien’s waist now and planted her hips onto his. “Are you gonna fuck me in a more special way than the other girls?” Harper’s smirk became a very naughty smile.

“Oh..oh fuck yeah.” Damien slid his hand down Harper’s back and ass and tore her pants down, as Harper eagerly did the same to Damien’s pants from the front.

They started to make out, hard. And so were their cocks. Damien pressed himself up against Harper and started to massage her ass as his balls was sandwiched between hers and his beef rubbed against her pelvis. Harper swung back as well in their little swordfight. Damien loved the feel of Harper against him; Although his cock was longer by an inch or two, Harper’s was thicker by the same. It was fun to compare penises as they lightly poked each other’s stomachs and slided their cocks against each other occasionally while passionately tonguing.

It took a couple seconds, but Damien started to slow down his kissing and realized something. Harper was really rubbing his ass, a lot.
“What’s wrong?” Harper knew the jig was up and Damien was on to her. “I thought you were gonna fuck me special.” She gave him a playful slap on the ass and massaged it hard.

“Woaaah Woah!” Damien’s spine shot up like one of those pucks you hit at a carnival with a hammer to make the bell ring.

“Come on…you fuck girls the same way all the time. Guys fuck me the same way all the time. Let’s try something different. Something special, for both us.” Harper started massaging his ass again softly with one hand this time.

She kissed his lips again and slowly started to make her way down to sucking his neck softly. She took her other hand and grabbed the tip of her cock and put it right under Damien’s balls. She thrusted softly and rubbed his taint but quickly ran her dick back up his balls and stuck it right back onto Damien’s tip again so she wouldn’t startle him.

Damien was truly shocked and closed his eyes while he let out pleasured moans from his open mouth, half for the reason that Harper’s foreplay felt amazing, but the other half to figure out what the hell was going on and how he could change it in his favor. “No, this is just a test”. He thought to himself. He shifted Harper off of his neck and started to kiss her back harder. He grabbed her hands off of his ass and wrapped one up around the tree, and the other on her thigh, which he picked up and wrapped around his waist.

“I said, no more fucking games.” He stared hard into Harper’s eyes as she held her mouth open at being overpowered by Damien. “I came here to fuck your ass.” He swung his mouth to hers and latched onto her lips for one quick deep kiss “And I’m gonna fuck it good.”

He let go of Harper’s arm and grabbed his cock, and shifted his body to get a good angle to enter her ass. Harper had butterflies in her stomach. This is what she wanted from him all along. She held on to the tree behind her to prepare for her ass ramming. But a split second passed by and she remembered her stubborn plan and felt something was still missing.

“Wait, wait, wait. Damien, baby, listen.” She reached down to grab his cock and stop him. “I’m older than you, I’ve got more experience….Let me fuck you first to show you how I like it” Even being pinned up against a tree, Harper was still domineering with her control.

“Come on, Harper. My ass isn’t that nice. If you want a nice ass to fuck, go find Kayden, your girlfriend.” Their legs were relaxed a bit now and they moved a bit father from each other that only the tips of their dicks were kissing now. “You’re here to get this dick right now.” Damien leaned his forehead onto Harper.

“I know Daddy. And I will, I want you, badly. But right after you get mine first.” Harper ran her hands through Damien’s locks and rested it at his neck, staring deep into him with her purple eyes again. “It would turn me on so much getting fucked by a guy and knowing that his ass is full with my cum.” Damien smiled as Harper planted soft kisses on his cheek.

“Hehe. That makes zero, fucking sense.” He was just playing this off like it was still a test.

“I know it sounds weird. But sometimes feeling something is better than hearing. So turn the fuck around and let me show you!”

Harper was done talking and spun Damien around quickly. She started to rub his chest and slammed her cock right between his ass cheeks. He felt her ballsack slap against his taint. She rubbed herself on the outside of his asshole to tease it, and this was like a lightning bolt for Damien.

“GAH!” He had to jump out and somersaulted away from Harper. She had lost her balance and was kneeling forward a bit.

“Heh. Damien! Our cocks are rock hard and our balls are full of cum! Don’t let it go to waste. Let’s make love!” Harper said this with the most sinister grin.

At this point he didn’t know if this was just a long game of making fun of him or if she was truly obsessed with his ass now. Damien was breathing heavily as he kneeled on the ground. He just clutched a pile of dirt in his hands not knowing what to do.

“Fuuuuuuck…” he growled as he gritted his teeth in frustration.

Harper just smiled back at him as she bit her lip and slapped her thumb slowly against her cock to make it bounce up and down. Realizing that she might have come off too strong she took a deep breath and put her knees together and kneeled on the ground as well in front of Damien. She was really horny and started stroking slowly.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I came off too strong there.” She placed her hand on Damien’s face to comfort him.

Damien was silent, he felt backed into a corner.

“It was rude of me to try and fuck you like that” Damien looked down and relaxed his shoulders a bit. “Without any lube first.”

He looked up quickly back at Harper and started to crawl back and make some distance between them again. Her mischievous smile returned.

“Come here baby.” Harper leaned back and spread one leg out, and kept her thumb on her cock steady to keep it from leaning with her. “Let me hold on to those horns while you slobber on me, that sounds good right?”

Damien’s cock twitched as his mouth started to salivate as he stared at Harper’s thick veiny meat. He lunged his hand out to start to crawl forward, his other hand controlling his twitching cock.

“You know I’m good at this, you can relax and let me make you cum this way.” Harper was frustrated and wasn’t willing to play along for the plan and rolled her eyes and face-palmed.

“Nooo Damien!” She leaned all the way back now and raised her pelvis up in the air with her hands on her thighs and slowly gyrated through the air. “You come over here and suck my cock right now. And then, you’re gonna sit on my lap! I’ll let you control the pace that way, it’ll be so easy…” Harper was getting lost in her lust and her gyration and started to moan.

Damien ran his hands through his dreadlocks and sighed heavily. He shook his head and stood up with a stern look on his face.

“Damien. If you turn around and walk away right now,” Harper sat up and turned her hand upside down and stroked slowly “I will lust for your ass even more. And when I get it, which I will, I won’t be gentle.”


“Aahhh!” Harper lets out a girlish scream as she wraps her arms and shields her breasts from the strong breeze. Her body being completely soaked from the lake water made her really susceptible to the breeze. “Holy fuck! My nipples are all hard now.”

Harper takes this opportunity to focus on washing her breasts. Damien’s eyes widen and he adjusts his seat on the rock he’s sitting on to get a good view.

“Yeaaaah. That’s right. Play with them titties girl.”

As much as he would want to be motor-boating her boobs right now, he can’t. Damien has not faced Harper since their last meeting. He couldn’t agree to her terms but his dick wants what his dick wants. This was his temporary fix until he improves his plan.

“I should hurry up before another breeze hits, fuck, this seemed like a good idea.” Harper starts picking up the pace, and begins to move down to wash her lower body. “Damn it’s nice being a woman but I’ve got so much skin to clean up!” Harper starts to splash water and rub her ass and thighs.

Her body is jiggling everywhere as she’s trying to wash herself off fast. This is Damien’s favorite part. He’s at the edge of his rock-stool now and he’s moved into full fapping-gear before he runs out of time.

“Awww yeaah baby shake that ass!” Damien loudly whispers.

Legs spread, shoulders tense, breathing heavily. He was reaching the pinnacle and Harper’s glistening wet voluptuous body was the best guide. Harper had bent over now and started rubbing her ass more thoroughly.

“Ohhhh shiiiit!” This was it. Another 20 seconds or so and he would cream all over the poor plants in front of him. “Yessssssssss….!”


Damien froze. His eyes and mouth flung open as he felt something heavy fall on his shoulder.


Story by Midnite Delite ~ Hentai Foundry
Art by Arbuz Budesh ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon
Harper belongs Ninja Oi ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr
Damien Medina belongs to Midnite Delite

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