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Altera & Saphhic Neko by MelkorMancin

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Do people on Futanari Obsession know MelkorMancin? If your answer is “no”, slap yourself in the face right now ’cause you are missing out!

Vibrant colors, gloriously shiny, wonderfully messy, mindblowing curves everywhere. Saphic Neko’s grinning like a madwoman as she spreads her ass cheeks, thick wads of cum dripping from her pussy. Looking at how her fingers sink into the thick flesh of her booty!

Altera is biting her lip as her throbbing cock spasms and another load of jizz spurts from her purple shaft. That load may not look impressive, but that’s understandable. All of Altera’s jizz has been pumped hard into Neko’s pussy by the looks of it!

Their two tails intertwining, the two girls are left panting and are covered in a layer of sweat as they share a moment of pure ecstasy.


– Rexxon

Melkor Mancin ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr ~ Twitter

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    3 Responses to “Altera & Saphhic Neko by MelkorMancin”

    • DMJ:

      beautiful work with the colors and i love how all the love juices are flowing. i wish i was in the middle of those two!

    • Bender Bending Rodriguez:

      Your futa is good!
      And you should feel good!

      bout time i pulled that meme out >_>
      anywhooo~ great fucking piece my futa luvin brother(sister?) Mad respect to MM back on HF

    • makroth:

      Hot and creamy!

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