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Aluvanna Whitefang character sheet and bio

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Before you stands Aluvanna or Alu for you shorter races. She stands at a average Night Elf’s Height with a some what toned and curvy figure. Her chest extends out further than most of her sisters, but she holds them down with some bandages. Unbound they would appear to be Doube F cup size to a human. Her body shows no abs or absurd muscles but she can crack a orcs jaw or arm like the best of them.

Few small hardly noticeable scars appear on her body, the most noticeable one is on her right arm. the arm she used to block the sabertiger’s claw. Her hair is snow white and tied into a ponytail while the rest untied hang in bangs. She is usually seen wearing her battle armor that composes of some of the strongest leather and plates covering most of her body. Enough to protect her but give her plenty of mobility.

If you were to study her…without being thrown to the ground for being borderline crazy for staring at her too long. You would eventually notice her eyes gaze at other women. Being a Watcher and Sentinal she aquired a attraction to her fellow sisters, human women and even the strangely beautiful draenei women. You would rather quickly notice that she is never without weapons..even when disarmed she has a small pack of wolves at her side at almost all times, ready to tare appart anyone who would dare harm their “mother”.


Aluvanna had the same childhood most Night Elf women had. No special talks with Elune or praises by Tyrande. Once of age she joined the Sentinels and later on The Watchers, by Maiev Shadowsong herself.

Aluvanna was just another Brick in the Wall. She didn’t stand out among the other sisters, Just about all of them were extremely skilled fighters and trackers. She did how ever show something others did not. She had a way with Wolves and not Sabers.

At a young age she was saved from a raged Saber, by a black wolf. The wolf licked her wounds and carried her back to her parent’s. While most…if not all people would describe Wolves as savage beasts. Aluvanna was able to see them in their true nature, Unprovoked or defensive. They were just like dogs when they weren’t defending their pack or their den.

During her Sentinel years she would come across a pack leader wolf who was injured by Orc attempting to tame it. Her knoweldge and experience with wolves allowed her to approach it and care for it. The wolf then lead her to her den. Ariving there she saw that several others of her pack were injured, No doubt the Orcs found their den and tried to tame them. She quickly tended to their wounds. Then Aluvanna removed all tracks to lead the orcs back here to secure their home once again. Once she left she realized that the Den Mother’s five cubs had followed her. Soon becoming her most trusted allies and even family. One grew big enough to allow Aluvanna to ride it.

This is how Aluvanna got the nick name of Mother of Wolves. The wolves that accompanied her every where had almost seemed like her children.

Her life continued as normal. Till Illidan had been defeated. She and other sisters were allowed to leave the services. Aluvanna took this chance to adventure. Assisting in the Lich King’s fall. Saving the world from Deathwing along side Thrall and even assaulting Orgrimmar with other Heros.

During these travels she has trained with Monks in Pandaria, honing her skills for CQC and meditation.

Now she wonders, waiting for new adventures… and to one day find Maeiv and bringing her to justice just as they did Illidan.

Bio written by Aluvanna
Aluvanna Whitefang belongs to Aluvanna

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    5 Responses to “Aluvanna Whitefang character sheet and bio”

    • Pikapi:

      i’m a member of the horde so …. does that mean she gonna break my “bone” that she just gave me? i mean, i don’t want to hit THIS Night Elf at all … more like i would … betray my faction … to be near her … even follow her … she so pwetty Q.Q

    • tucnu:

      I love this design it’s so well done I draw but it’s all by hand on printer paper I’m not so good at drawing women without visual aids if would be interested in helping me with this please email me at DAVANTA.77@GMAIL.COM

    • Pikapi:

      Plz, for the love of the FutaGod, i’m requesting, for my sanity, to tell me, the name, of EVERY piece of loot gear, that she have on her, her class, her role

      “strongest leather and plates covering most of her body. Enough to protect her but give her plenty of mobility.”

      Ok, so we see leather and plates? there is no class that would wear that both .. it’s eitehr plates or leather…

      So if she is able to wear plates, that mean she can be a warrior or a death knight, and with leather, either a Rogue or a Druid, or a Monk

      I would like to know those details, since i would like to RP as her on MoonGuard ^^

      You know, have some funny times, but also to stay as the characthers, having the same gear .. you know .. like .. well … cospaly DXD .. ok i’m out, i feel embarassed at this point, and my hard-on isn’t helping me either X.X

    • Aluvanna:

      Well you can’t RP as me because I am already on Moon Guard 😛

      Also, She’s a hunter. The Plate mentioned are plate pieces that are welded into the leather and chainmail. Isn’t really going by gameplay limits. Only a idiot would wear just leather or just cloth in this fantasy world. 😛

    • Pikapi:

      oh well .. maybe i could meet you on MoonGuard 😉 who know, i wouldn’t mind some action.. just to look at ya make me … blush just to think at that size *hide and blush* DX

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