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Amber and Atlas by PrivatePomegranate

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A lovely science-fiction flavored futa for you all to enjoy! This babe is getting felt up by some kind of alien in an encounter suit but she doesn’t seem to mind. Her expression is perfect, caught in that open-mouthed moan of pleasure as her alien companion strokes her off. I’m digging the use of blue lighting and how it adds to the sci-fi atmosphere. Also loving that despite the presence of an alien and the fact that his face is mostly obscured, the picture still feels very tender and affection.

An excellently made picture by PrivatePomegranate and I highly recommend you check out their gallery for more beautiful art.

– Rexxon

PrivatePomegranate ~ Hentai Foundry

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    One Response to “Amber and Atlas by PrivatePomegranate”

    • julian:

      Is this going to be for an upcoming third part of the Amber/Atlas story? The first two are a couple of my favorite erotic works of fiction, and I’m dying for another chapter.

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