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Amber and Jade by IZRA

Shemale and futanari hentai

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The bathtubs of the future sure are intimate! Just the right size for Jade and Amber to clean up and get down and dirty at the same time!

Their bodies are all wet which gives them a lovely soft shine. The way the light reflects of their skin really highlights every inch of their sleek curves!

IZRA also did an excellent job with their expressions. You practically hear Amber moaning as her cum shoots a wad of jizz into the air and you really get a feel for Jade’s satisfaction. She’s smiling and happy cause she knows she was able to pleasure her lover. It’s a really sweet and sexy scene.

Amber’s ass is really looking a little lonely though. So I hope after she’s done getting her rocks off, Amber will flip Jade around and pound her sweet booty!

– Rexxon

Art by IZRA ~ Hentai Foundry
Characters by Masterchefguy ~ Hentai Foundry

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