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Amber’s Encounters 6 by InCase

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Since yesterday’s Balls of Steel pic by InCase was a bit polarizing in the comment section I figured today I should feature something for the non-trap/femboy lovers. Luckily we have a new “Amber’s Encounters” piece that just popped up. Perfect timing!

These two pics are from “Amber’s Encounters Chapter 22 – (The Heist) – Delicate Matters” but InCase labeled them as “Amber’s Encounters #6” on his blog (maybe because he’s done six of them, I haven’t verified that yet). Also, in the story Amber, the one in the front, is a female while Mey Mey is the shemale. As per usual, InCase made a ton of variants and I just chose to feature these two because they were my favorites. I felt it necessary to tell you all that because I thought you might be a little confused when you read the excerpt below.

After a lustful bite on Mey’s ear, Amber whispered, “We’ll just have to be quiet.” Amber slowly trailed her hands across Mey’s clothed figure, her fingertips eventually reaching the buttoned hem of Mey’s black pants. Pressing her lips against Mey’s in another heated kiss, Amber slipped a hand into Mey’s pants, wrapping her fingers around her partners flaccid girth, it only took a few playful squeezes before it began to warm and harden.

Mey simply bit her lip as Amber pulled her head back from the kiss, her own hands raised to take handfuls of Amber’s bust, giving her exposed nipples teasing tweaks. Hardening, Mey’s cock began to put a strain in her pants, creating a rather uncomfortable environment. Moving her head forward to kiss Amber’s breasts with lustful kisses, wrapping her lips around one nipple to give it a lustful nip.

Amber cooed at the sensation with a sultry purr from her chest, rising her hand free of Mey’s pants, she eagerly tugged them down the curve of her partner’s backside letting the semi-erect shaft hang in the open air, a thick glob of pre-cum was already forming at the slit, which gave off a musky aroma. Taking in a deep breath, she pushed Mey forward which caused her to sit down on the lav’s seat with a quiet grunt. Looking up at her partner, Mey curled her lips into a sly grin, she leaned forward to pull her pants slowly down till they were past her knees as Amber was hastily at work wiggling out of her cargos, letting them clump into a pile on the ground.

Taking a step closer to Mey, she turned around with one leg still caught in her pants, letting Mey get a glorious view of her backside, Mey could also see that Amber was plenty excited with anticipation as trickles of her fluids dripped between her thighs from her sex. “Now, for initiation to the mile high club…” Amber playfully droned on with pseudo-legal nonsense, giving her partner a tease, swinging her hips back and forth.

Mey’s hardon was throbbing at the view before her, she grazed her fingernails up the sides of Amber’s legs before taking a hold of her partners hips, pulling her back and down onto her. Amber parted her legs and landed with a thump onto Mey’s lap, her sex grazing along the spine of Mey’s throbbing member. Turning her head to eye Mey with a grin, Amber teased the redhead, rising and falling to grind her moist sex along the girth, making thick globs of pre-cum drool from the urethra and coating it’s length with a glistening film. Mey occupied her time with fondling Amber’s breasts, with her head leaned forward placing tender kisses along Amber’s cheek and jaw.

Amber lowered a hand down, grasping the slick base of Mey’s shaft to hold it steady while she rose herself higher, grinding her dripping sex across the throbbing pole until her folds were at the bulbous head. “I suppose we could just skip to the initiation ritual.” Biting her lower lip, she closed her eyes before she began lowering herself on the veined beast, Mey couldn’t help but let out a muffled groan as Amber’s hungry walls clamped down on the pulsating prick.

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Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

Read Amber’s Encounters by MasterChefGuy at Hentai Foundry

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At InCase’s Blog

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