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Amber’s Encounters – Story by MasterChefGuy, Art by InCase

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At InCase’s Blog

‘Amber’s Encounters’ is a beautiful collaborative effort between the one-and-only InCase and the very talented MasterChefGuy – the former providing the artwork and the latter providing the story – that I’m fairly certain everyone here is going to love.

Obviously the pictures speak for themselves but I felt it was important to include an excerpt from chapter 1 in the post to wet your whistle. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you probably know how much I love InCase so I don’t need to go into detail here but please make sure you take the time to read the story, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

I’ve included links to chapters 1 and 2 below the excerpt. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do make sure you let MasterChefGuy know.

Amber slung her SMG around to her back and gave the scientist a nod, “If that box figures out some way to attack, you know how to get in touch with me.” She quickly made her way off towards another wing of the lab; she seemed almost lost in thought until stopping towards the end of a hallway lined with doors. There was a digital keypad lock next to the door she had stopped at, Amber dialed in the combination and a short loud click signified the door was open. On the inside were two “pods” as they were commonly called; the pods were abuzz with humming, beeping, and other mechanical and digital white noise, the holographic displays had biometric telemetry and the names of who were inside, one said “Amber Hayden” the other “Jade Nichols”. Amber smiled a little bit; she always enjoyed seeing both their names together.

Jade was Amber’s bond mate, they had been friends since pre-school, they were even part of the same security team for almost 3 years before Jade was transferred to weapons-tech R&D as a design engineer. They had grown to be closer than just friends, but both had a desire to raise a biological child, fortunately their wishes could be granted through advancements in cybernetics, prosthetics and bio-engineering. The most appealing method was by using a prosthetic body augmented with a working set of male reproductive organs that were created by using the requesters DNA, Amber had opted to modify her military prosthetic body under the guise of needing more testosterone to help with combat (something she didn’t have to do with her executive privileges, she merely liked creatively filling paperwork out).

The prosthetic body was used through quantum entanglement via a pod, Amber’s body had to be heavily modified and implanted with several neural connectors that allowed her to interface with the machine. Using the pod was essentially a form of controlled sleep, where her consciousness became entangled with her new body creating a seamless stream of thought between her sleeping body and her remotely controlled one. It didn’t take long for Jade to follow suit when Amber kept telling her how great it was.

Amber looked through the plexiglass casket-like top of the pod which Jade was in, her sleeping body was completely naked…which was found to be the best way to use the machine, wearing clothes on both your sleeping body and prosthetic body became quite uncomfortable.

The sight of Jade’s beautiful body and the idea of her disconnecting for a little “fun-on-the-clock” was starting to get Amber hot and bothered. However, she figured it might be best to check in with her before cutting Jade’s connection, a cell phone call would have been the usual method, but with their prosthetic bodies they could reroute bits of their quantum entanglement streams to other people connected to the “sleeper network”, the digital servers that delegated and managed the streams of thought. To make the process more user friendly, advanced cybernetics projected various images into her visual cortex, Jade’s corporate picture, encryption level, connection timer, and other information for the conversation filled Amber’s perceived vision.

Jade’s words filled Amber’s head as if they were sharing the same brain, “What’s up Amber?”

“Just wondering if you’re busy is all.” Amber thought back.

Amber’s Encounters by MasterChefGuy ~ Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 2

Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At InCase’s Blog

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