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Ariza’s Light and Dark Side Clash by NinjaKitty

Picture Removed At Ariza‘s Request

Alright, alright. I promise, that this is the last out-of-season, balls-hot, boner-inducing, Christmas-themed futanari pic! But seriously, I just can’t resist! I mean, it’s Christmas AND futanari! How can you not love it! XD

So this time around we’ve got the lovely Ariza showing off both her naughty and nice sides! Brought to you by NinjaKitty Heavy Construction, “Erecting things since 1887”.

Nice-Ariza’s trying to smile and bite her lip at the same time. That may sound awkward, but she makes it look damn sexy! You can see from her face (and gushing orifices) that she’s loving all the long, hard objects being shoved into her. I also love this position because it leaves her ginormous rack free to hang down and coalesce into two majestic globes of tit-flesh that sway back and forth with each buck of their owner’s hips.

Just as jaw-droppingly amazing is naughty-Ariza’s expression! She just looks hungry, and dominating, and that leer screams “You gonna get it up the butt.” She’s also got a real sweet-tooth considering how she’s just gnawing at that candy cane. Pssst, you’re supposed to suck it darling! 😉

I guess her sweet-tooth is the reason she’s jamming candy-dildos into her duplicate’s tight butthole. So she can get more minty-fresh goodness when she inevitably licks that gorgeous bum! Or maybe it’s to do some renovating for when her giant throbbing cock moves in after it’s done plowing through that dripping pussy!

There we go! The last Christmas futanari picture from me….for now…

– Rexxon

Ninja Kitty ~ Hentai Foundry

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