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Ariza’s Request

Hey everyone
So Ariza hit me up asking me to take down all the pics on the site featuring her character, Ariza. Her reasoning is that I make a “profit” off of the art she paid for through ads on my site. I explained that the ads are there to keep the site going, servers don’t pay for themselves after all. Plus, there are ads on Hentai Foundry too so her rationale doesn’t really make sense.

Even though I don’t technically have to take down the pics I’m going to because I’m not a complete asshole. Feel free to leave a comment on her Hentai Foundry page though and let her know what you think about the whole thing.

Ariza ~ Hentai Foundry

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    13 Responses to “Ariza’s Request”

    • R00z:

      That’s too bad…talk about bad marketing. This is literally the only site I frequent for free futa pics. It’s kind of like a musician pulling their song from public radio, because the station plays adds to pay for its admin and studio costs. Wouldn’t make any sense for a band to do that, they’d lose a huge amount of potential listeners. Maybe she’ll change her mind. Dmitrys get’s it, free advertising. And I know that works out for him.

    • purgy:

      Me i feel that posting these pics help the artist more and your site too. But if that what she feels. But saying that you are making a “profit” from it come on.

    • Siaer:

      Likely enough just means that I won’t see her commissioned images any more.

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      I appreciate the support. I really don’t get it. We only had good things to say about the pics and we gave her and the artist credit. How many sites do that? So what if I make money off banner ads on the side of the site? I never deceive my readers by misleading them through false links and whatnot, but I gotta pay the bills guys or this site disappears. Oh well, she must live in some kinda phantasy land.

    • Cockz:

      Was never really a big fan of the Ariza character, i mean she was fine but just fine! She was no Mey Mey or Shae D. she was just a blonde bimbo futa about as plain as it gets. In all honesty without her pics on this site I would have never discovered her and now not seeing her I will probably never see her again. All her own choice but I think she’s definitely forgotten about the HF culture of sharing what you can and loving everybody else, seems she got a little to greedy and in this case it probably wont pay out.

    • luc:

      Wait seriously? Wtf I would think if anything her chars being here would give her more exposure. Whatever I guess lol.

    • Shana Minoru:

      I frequent your blog; though I never have commented before (mostly because you say everything I have to say about every pic (x ) but I feel the need to say this. I prefer to come to your blog for futanari art because not only do you post some of the best futa, but also because you always credit the artist when you know who they are. It shows a lot of respect, and taking down her pictures down at her request does to. I’m sad to see them go of course, but glad to see my favorite futanari blogger not be an ass about it

      In short thanks for all the quality posts and for being a respectful human being.

    • God Revan:

      Guys stop talking about her. She has a specific reason on why she did this and I understand her doing it. What happened happened and we got to deal with it.

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @God Revan – No, people can speak there minds here. Don’t try and censor anyone.

    • SlushyDude:

      Well could you possibly have them on tumblr? Just have a special link for them or something?

    • crazydorian:

      I can see why Ariza requested this, but I don’t agree with the logic. Hentai Foundry benefits from those pictures being there as well, and I never got the impression that this was a for profit site.

    • Nowaydude97:

      Well FutaFan, if it makes you feel any better I have laid some serious logical smackdown on her page and laid it out on why the featuring of her characters helps both her and the artist’s that draw her characters. Feel free to go check it out >:D

    • Highmitsu:

      Eh, I don’t get it either. Some of my commissioned Mina pics get posted here too but I’m fine with that.

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