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Awakening Part 1 and 2 by Doomsday

Busty Alice Margatroid cumming

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Awakening Part 1
by Doomsday

Alice felt her head pulsating, a throbbing and excruciating pain before she opened her eyes. Her heartbeat felt like it was going to rattle her flesh from her bones. The sound of a crackling fire behind her radiated a certain heat and light one could naturally feel through closed eyelids. Ever so slowly with her head still pounding from a source unknown to her, she took in the first blurry sights of her surroundings. Lying on a soft pelt of some possibly extinct animal soaked with two puddles of lukewarm fluids. Her vision cleared finally, she was lying on her stomach on a pelt near a fireplace equipped with fuel.

With wavering strength she propped herself on her arms, a puddle of blood stained the edge of the pelt and began to coagulate on the hardwood floor. A certain note of horror was suddenly instilled inside her psyche. “Is this my blood ?”, was the first thought that she ripped between her internal and external inquiries. As she rolled over, for some reason a wave of exhaustion yet she began quivering with some pleasurable sensation. Something along the traces and crevices of her lithe frame pulsated, giving off a hot and organic smell to it. Her breasts began to have small dribbles of sweat leading down her curvy abdomen. Each breath slowed her heart down as she focused on the task at hand. Her rose shaded nipples began to recede from their sexual dagger-like tips. Then a faint odor reached her, a thick a musty stench, one that she thought she must have been imagining. An instinctual smell that told out ancient forbearers when the females were fertile like the swelling Nile. She let her eyes wander in search of the smell, when she noticed it she recognized it right away. It was a extensive pool of cum, at the farther edge of the carpet pelt. Then that’s when the real questions began to flood her mind.

Her perfectly tanned skin basked in the fires complimenting light as she gazed in awe at who or what could have caused such a puddle of cum. Alice began to shift her waist around in preparation to stand, when suddenly she had the most intense sensation. It was a buckling wave of pleasure as every nerve in the tip of her member’s head rubbed against the soft, warm flesh of her thighs. She suddenly had her mouth agape as her tongue was thrusted out. Small rivulets of saliva mingled amongst the cum matted fur of the gray and silver pelt. Alice’s once flaccid member began to stiffen by the moment, with a small blob of pre-cum leading the attack of the oncoming cum.

Such a fascinating sensation she thought, curious and shy about her own body fluid. Alice’s fingertip traced the opening of her members head, dragging away the drop of pre-cum. The tip of her forefinger was dragged away to the warm and wet orifice dungeon that was her mouth. She closed the soft fleshy gate like lips to her knuckle, effectively creating the perfect suction that dragged away the foreign but deliciously exotic tasty fluid from her fingertip. Alice’s body shuddered from a spine tingling feeling from the taste of her own stock, the sensation of her mouths suction effectively made her member fully erect. Alice’s member sat there twitching, matching the rhythmic pounding of her heart. Deciding it was lower on the priority scale, she sat aside the idea of her exploring her fleshy rods seemingly carnal purpose, in order to gain some answers. As Alice stood, her knees waived like a newborn calves that was just birthed. But after a few seconds of swaying her balance was restored. Yet more droplets of Cowper’s fluid dripped onto the pelt then eventually the hardwood floor.

Alice stood and traced her surroundings definitive lines that mingled amongst the flickering shadows of the room. On each side of the fireplace stands a regal and noble looking bookcase, each carved from some rare tree. Again, probably the last of their kind, leather reading chairs lurk closer to the bookcases. A stone bust of some figure, etched in marble with a never aging stare. The bust glares at her with some note of condemnation and lust in his blank stare. She felt an urge to look away, slightly red with embarrassment as she imagined the bust looking Alice up and down her curvaceous body, along with her firm cock. Soon Alice loses interest from the bust and begins to wonder the secrets to her mysterious whereabouts.

Awakening Part 2

At the far end of the room, from what Alice could only assume is a well furnished library, stands a privacy screen. On top of which sits a set of traditional white silk embroidered night-robe. To accompany the robe a pair of silver tinted slippers rests in front of the privacy screen. Beside them sits a carelessly discarded g-string. Lucky for Alice, her once intensely hard and throbbing member has become flaccid, making dressing herself all the more easier. The g-strings triangular section of cloth is strained to keep everything beneath it hidden. As Alice dons her new wardrobe, she can’t help but glance outside through an enormous double paneled window.

Black clouds roll in on her location, their occasional discharge of thunder and lightning reveals a vast expanse of trees. Beyond the immediate cover of the tree-line illuminated by infrequent and random flashes of lightning. Slightly terrified at her lack of knowledge, as well as the ominous clouds that pour in to concoct some fierce storm Alice turns away.

Right in front of her lies a door, smooth and finished with regally elegant carvings. The handle of the doorknob flickers and winks at her with the sporadic flashes of light from the fireplace. The doorknobs center is inlaid with ivory with brass clawed like etchings grasping the ivory greedily. As Alices’ hand hovered above the doorknob, heavy footprints thunder outside in what she could assume is the hallway. Slowly the doorknob turns, as if someone or something didn’t have a proper hand to grasp things.

Without hesitation and utter fear, Alice immediately turned the small hexagonal lock to keep her in. But more importantly whomever, or whatever out. As the doorknob completed its rotation, a deep guttural grunt was drawn out. A light scraping sound streaked down the mahogany door. Soon the footsteps left the immediate vicinity of the threshold and creaked the floorboards down the hall.

Alice focused on escape, her heartbeat ricocheting in her circulatory system. Slowly she placed one ear against the thick door to listen in on unknown depths of her whereabouts. Fight or flight had a hold of her now, she could only assume flight would be the best choice.

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    4 Responses to “Awakening Part 1 and 2 by Doomsday”

    • zero:

      Oh boy, I really can’t wait to see where this is going.

    • I know, exciting isn’t it?

    • Although I read every post that is made, and often venture into the archives depths to read posts again. I’m not sure if others have seen my work, which may be a double edged sword for me. Oh well, that’s why I post on fantabulous sites such as this.

    • Futanari loving websurfers of the world, I’m sure the group that has read my short story is wriggling in anticipation as to part 3. But alas I have a dilemma, what should be Alice’s next move? Should she stay in the library with her mind racing as to a possible escape from there? Or should Alice venture from the library into the rest of the manor to explore and escape the possible beasts and traps that await? It is your decision! Write in the comments section as to what you think should happen, now is your chance for futa-hubris!

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