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Banking with Rae! by Benstilla

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Sperm banking that is! Badum-tish!

Rae’s got substantial assets and assets as you can see. Her thick, creamy resources need to be invested properly. Placed snugly into a tight, puckered hidey-hole for safekeeping. Of course care must be taken to avoid flooding the market with her product…

Alright so clearly I know nothing of banking procedures. What I do know is that Rae’s glorious cock swings so low that it doesn’t just slap her thighs, it slaps her frickin’ knees! I’m more than a little intimidated by that monster, but for Rae? I’d drop my pants and take it up the ass like a champ. Don’t judge me. For a cock that amazing you have to keep your mind (and orifices) open. Naturally her deliciously plush ass would need some love and those alluring and suckable nipples would get a workover as well. Oh the things we could do…

Call me girl! Ya hear?

– Rexxon

Benstilla ~ Hentai Foundry

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