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Batgirl and Supergirl Make Wonder Woman Cum

Batgirl and Supergirl Make Wonder Woman Cum

Batgirl and Supergirl Make Wonder Woman Cum

I want to live in this alternate reality, one where all the Superheros are shemales and fuck each other in back alleys. What a wonderful sight to behold when you walk around the corner and find Batgirl and Supergirl licking Wonder Woman’s balls as she shoots her milky jizz into the air. I hope Batgirl goes and fights crime later that night with her dried up semen still smeared all over her huge chest. I absolutely love every piece of artwork Kinky Jimmy does.

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    10 Responses to “Batgirl and Supergirl Make Wonder Woman Cum”

    • fuTA luver:

      i wish i was there so i could make it a jizztastic foursome

    • Tranny lover:

      i cant stop jerking to this pic i got my girl to start fingering herself to this pic now 🙂

    • ZAND3R:

      I’d prefer THIS reality with EVERYONE being a futa. So boobs, dick, pussy, all of it. It’d be so much simpler. No such thing as gay, straight, or bi. And I just think it’d be more fun to be a futa because I could do more than jack off 😉

    • futabuddah:

      I think this pic is awsome i cant stop looking at it, and i agree with ZAND3R i wish the world was like that too it would be so much simpler and there would be a lot more to exploer in peoples sex life

    • anonymous:

      One “supergender” is the only future… the only exit from cycles of history (other than extinction).

    • THE KING:

      Holy crap! That’s Luffy from One Piece in the background.

    • magusveronica:

      I completely agree with ZAND3R as well, there would be a whole lot less hate in the world if that was the case. Also, love the way Wonder Woman put her lasso to good use.

    • jenna:

      super hot make a movie so all the nerds can jack off AWSOME

    • Mary:

      I know I said that Emma Frost and Black Cat as sexy futas fucking was the hottest pic on this site. Well, it’s now tied for number 1 with this. This is how the DCU should be, everyone a futa that fuck each other in alleys. What are the chances DC would make this as an elseworlds story?

    • Juan:

      I would like to see more from this guy it’s awesome

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