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Big dickgirl punishment – VIDEO

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I don’t know what the sexy futanari babe in the red jacket did to deserve the punishment she is getting but I am certainly not complaining. She’s definitely getting double stuffed – one black futa cock in her ass and one massive Asian futa penis in the mouth! It’s like all the colors of the futa rainbow especially once you add all that milky white semen. Listen closely and you can almost hear her drown in that torrent of futanari jizz. The rest of the video is just as amazing and is a must see for any futa fans out there.

Look, everything at Furanaria is fake – you know and I know it. Does that make it any less hot? No it doesn’t because there is NOTHING else like it on the internet. Where else can you find content like this? No where. Example: I have been a fan of Jada Fire for years (the black futa babe in this video) and I know she doesn’t have a cock but you know what? This video still turns me on and I would watch, and jerk off to a solo video of Jada Fire on Furanaria if one were ever produced. Movies call it “suspension of disbelief” and that applies to porn too. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Professional Penis Punishment at

Professional Penis Punishment at

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