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Big Suxxxess! by Sparrow

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Sparrow’s got quite the entrepreneurial spirit! To congratulate the makers of Shantae¬†and Mighty No.9 on finding success on Kickstarter, Sparrow decided to draw their leading ladies as a pair of big-titted, big-booty babes! One of whom is packing some serious firepower!

That huge, plush, chocolate booty and the yummy donut-ring of her butthole in the center is going to get a serious stretching by that huge futa cock! Oh mannnnn, just look at the cum already trickling out from that thick, pulsating erection and dripping down into that puckered asshole! After all, everyone knows that jizz is the best all-natural lube!

Good thing these two are in a white room. Cause there are going to be a lot of white stains splattered everywhere by the time these two are done!

– Rexxon

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