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Big Trouble in Little Futa Town by Clumzor

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If you haven’t seen Clumzor’s art or the two fantasy-world comics he’s working on, you are seriously missing out. His first work, “The Party” is an exercise in laugh-out-loud, raunchy humor that I’d definitely recommend! However if you’re looking for futanari-heavy reading material, then “Big Trouble in Little Futa Town” might be what you’re looking for. There is a lot of sex with fantasy creatures in both comics though, so reader beware if that sort of thing is not to your taste.

As you can see from the sample page above, this kingdom of elves has been cursed/blessed to become futanari. Everyone’s struggling to deal with their new endowments, trying to keep their cocks from knocking each other over or knocking each other up. I especially like how the queen is trying to push her hardening erection down, crossing and uncrossing her legs to hide it. Finally she just gives up and decides to “take a bath”. No doubt the queen will be receiving a royal-class titjob from one of her serving girls.

It’s not a traditional fantasy story perhaps, but it’s certainly worth a look for the humor as much as the sexiness!

– Rexxon

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    • Jonnycake:

      I’ve often thought that if every woman could have a dick for just one day, maybe they would understand guys a little better.[lol] just a thought

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