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Blassreiter’s Beatrice Grese by Kaihlan

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Anyone hear of an anime called Blassreiter? I hadn’t until I stumbled across this beauty of a pic in Kaihlan’s gallery.

I absolutely love the smooth look to this pic. The characters’ skin just glows under the light and the latex outfits shine as they stretch and strain to hold back their heaving tits! Beatrice (the chick in the middle) looks absolutely ecstatic as she rolls that wad of jizz in her mouth. Also love how there is a strand of cum connecting the ladies’ mouths together!

Speaking of which, all of the sweet, sweet cum has a wonderfully gooey texture to it as it spills over the ladies’ glasses and leaks out of Beatrice’s pussy as the futa-girl pounds her deliciously juicy ass.


– Rexxon

Kaihlan ~ Hentai Foundry

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