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Book of Zhu: Bodyguard Rani giving her Empress the D

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Book of Zhu legacy, is a visual novel set in a setting heavily based on martial arts fantasy, with elements inspired by a variety of anime and video games.

It follows Princess Aya, as she begins to take more responsibility and has to deal with the various friends and foes inherited from the current Empress. Along with the political struggles is the fact that as heir to the family fighting style, a whole different side of trouble seeks her out just as they did her predecessor. Meeting many new friends and facing new rivals she partakes in a journey of self-discovery as she tries to find out how to balance the need to the woman she wants to be while still honoring the ones who came before her.

She has a diverse cast of companions throughout the story, each with their own unique stories and interactions with her and each other. Each of them has both importance to the central storyline as well as their own story that you can choose to follow if you wish, it weaving in and out of the main storyline as Aya continues to face the trials of her own life. Each of these companions allows you to explore more of the world they live in and most allow you to build your relationship farther and explore the different kinds of romance and how they are perceived by others.

I’ve been looking over the Book of Zhu website all morning and I gotta say, I’m really impressed! The character designs are top notch and the story looks cool, I’m just not sure it’s going to have any sex in it. That’s fine if this piece was just to generate interest in the project, I get it, I just wish I knew for certain. If anyone has any contact with the creator and can shed some light on it please let me know.

Art by Shia ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr
Rani Ibeshi and Li Ling Qiao belong to Lek Kuen ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website

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