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Breaking in the new girls

Futanari orgy

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I don’t know how I’ve missed Futawing until now because his art work is fucking phenomenal! I love how his style is soft yet hardcore; cartoony yet realistic. You get me? Bottom line – Futawing rocks!┬áThis piece titled “Futa Lab” features one lucky shemale breaking in two new futas by engaging in all sorts of sexual acts with them. How do I get that job? I wanna test out new futanari sex slaves! Maybe that will be my new year’s resolution…but alas I have to meet said futanari sex slaves. Does anyone know how I go about doing that? I’m all ears.

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    5 Responses to “Breaking in the new girls”

    • Alucard:

      Ah, I remember this image… I stumbled upon it when I was first getting into Futanari, I liked it, but it never became one of my favourites… I blame the feet.

    • Futa Maniac:

      personally yea i agree the feet but also i like pictures where u can see the actual act and i can barely see the act itself in this

    • futalover:

      well looks like theres one dick that isnt in someone so i guess it has to go in me

    • Jonnycake:

      @futalover; I’d love to see how you managed that. I’d be happy just to suck those nipples

    • futalover:

      @jonnycake If theres a will then theres a way

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