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By The Gods by Getsketchy

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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First thing I would like to point out is the picture is just a little bit flawed, the vagina placed a little high up but it looks great otherwise. The penis leaking its juices looks very nice just running in a thick, beautiful, yummy looking white stream…….

… What was I talking about? Oh yes. By the way, this is a futanari version of Apollo, the god of war in Greek mythology. With the body on this god(dess) who would rage war once she came down? I would get on my knees not in bow but to suck her off, lick all that yummy cum off, and maybe push a few fingers into her honey pot, I would hate to disappoint a god(dess) after all and have her punish me or would I? I guess that depends on the punishment I was to receive.

– Stephanie

Art by Getsketchy ~ Hentai Foundry

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    9 Responses to “By The Gods by Getsketchy”

    • who,me?:

      I know this isn’t picking, but the Greek god of war would be Aries while Apollo is the god of the Sun

    • apollo:

      Apollo is the Greek god of the sun and also pretty much anything artistic. Ares is the Greek god of war. Just for clarification. Good detail though.

    • Futasohot:

      Nice pic, but I just want to point out that Apollo is the god of the sun,
      Ares is the god of war.

    • Anonymous:

      Fucking awesome art. Just about everything is perfect, but the out-of-place vagina just ruins it for me. 🙁

    • Guy:

      A lot of you can’t just let names be names be hell what ever makes you happy great art though

    • TDogtheFutalover:

      Hey, if gods looked like this you wouldn’t give two fucks what their name is. Kratos might have been less inclined to kill Aries and take his job if Aries were a futa girl.

    • vjtime18 (stephanie:

      well sorry for the wrong name but I seriously just watch porn I am not a huge intellectual type haha.

      Apologies again.

    • Yet Another Futa Fan:

      I think the dick could be a transformed mega-clit. Like BB? Anyway, it’s still so succulent!

    • Slannesh slave:

      Apollo is god of music and light not the SUN. Helios is god of the sun

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