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Cali-forni-Kate-ion by Dmitrys

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Kate yanked on Cali’s leash, making the slightly-built catboy stumble behind her.

“You drop that bag and there will be consequences, Cali,” she warned as they made their way across the parking lot. She was dressed in a long, glossy black coat that hid her body. He was wearing a garishly printed tanktop and silky skirt. He might as well have been naked, as a stray breeze rustled the short garment, exposing his pale, pert behind and caged cock. His face reddened and he clutched the large leather satchel close to himself. It was early evening and there were lots of pedestrians to gawk at him.

Cali was almost glad when they entered the porn shop. Kate pulled him over to the counter and the bored-looking girl behind the glass display of stainless steel toys looked up from her magazine. Kate handed her some bills.

“The usual room,” Kate ordered. “Just for an hour.” The girl gave Kate a key and smiled at the sight of Cali holding the bag.

“Have fun!”


Kate shoved Cali inside the small room. He skidded in his heels and grunted as he fell on his butt, the bag plopping in his lap.

“Mmmm, that’s a nice view,” Kate remarked as she closed the door and shrugged off her coat. Beneath it she was wearing a black leather bustier trimmed with red along with matching fingerless gloves and thigh-high boots. Her cock was bare and it was already half-hard. She took it in hand and gave it a few strokes. Cali’s tail twitched at the sight of his lover’s ensemble. He bit his lip as he tried to will his cock from swelling in the already-tight chastity cage. “Now we’re both dressed for the occasion.”

“What are we celebratin’?” Cali asked, averting his eyes. The scenery wasn’t much better. Taped-up holes were sawn into the walls and a grimy screen showed looping scenes from X-rated movies. Cali wrinkled his nose at the smell of sweaty crotch and used panties. As far as grungy glory-hole booths in the back of a seedy porn shop, this one was’t that bad.

“Shh,” Kate covered Cali’s mouth. “That pretty little mouth of yours won’t need to do much talking. You’re going to learn how to satisfy a bunch of cocks today. Open the bag.” Cali unzipped the satchel and Kate pulled a handful of toys out. She stuck two of the suction-cupped dildos on the floor and another on the wall. “That’ll do for now. Don’t want you getting too greedy!”

She held out the last one, a curved, corkscrewed shaft with a ring on the end, and squirted a drizzle of lube on it. “Now get me hard.”

Cali licked his lips and leaned forward, kissing Kate’s cock softly and gently. It began to rise, like a loaf of bread, to meet his mouth. Kate groaned in delight at Cali’s soft, warm lips. He grasped the shaft with one hand and cupped her balls with the other, fondling the fist-sized purse.

Kate’s cock swelled to full erection as Cali rolled his tongue around the fat helmeted tip, his crimson eyes gazing up at her under dark, fluttery eyelashes. He moaned as he closed his mouth around the broad cockhead, stretching his lips, and began to bob back and forth. Kate took hold of his head, gripping his feline ears and guiding his rhythm.

Cali knew what to do. He swirled his tongue around the shaft, leaving glistening saliva trails, and switched on the vibrator. His eyes met hers as he ran it along her cock, sending shivery thrills through her body.

“Mmmm,” Kate smiled. “Good little kitty. Now put it in me.” She felt the toy drag against her balls, then slide up her taint to rest against her asshole. He pushed it forward, gently at first, but pressed harder. Kate bit her lip and relaxed her muscles, letting Cali push it inside. She threw her head back and gasped at the dual sensation of being sucked and penetrated. She felt her asshol close around the shaft of the vibrator as it slid fully into her. “God, that’s it, you little slut!”

Cali gasped as Kate yanked his head free of her dick with a grip on his hair. Saliva dripped from her shaft as she basked in the glorious vibrating pulses spiraling through her body. She threw Cali down and his head bounced against the dildo on the wall.

“Get to satisfying them,” Kate commanded. She pointed at the screen. “You got 20 minutes.”

“But the girl up front said–”

“What did I tell you about your mouth?!” Kate snapped. She grabbed his plush ass and swatted it, making him yelp, then took his tail in hand and stroked it, turning that yelp into a moan. “Those cocks are getting cold, slut.”

Reluctantly, Cali began to lick the dildo, and reached for the others. Jolts of pleasure raced up his spine as Kate tugged on his tail. He felt her hands slide down and around his butt, spreading his cheeks. The thick hot meat of her cock pressed against his ass, and he moaned around the silicone mouthful. Her dick was always difficult to take, and he was glad he’d lubed it up with his mouth. He whimpered as the fat head squeezed into him, popping past the tight ring of his hole.

“Oooh, yeah,” Kate moaned over the sounds of the video, jerking her hips. She sped up, urged on by the buzzing in her butt. The toy inside her was gently stroking her prostate and she wanted to get as much fun out of Cali as she could before she came. She quickly found a rhythm, pumping into Cali with short thrusts. He grunted beneath her and looked up at her for approval.

Kate panted at his warm, slippery tightness, tugging his tail, making him jerk his hips upward in response. He mewled around the dildo, his cock aching and throbbing in its cage. It slapped against his lower belly with every thrust, tormenting his lust. Kate’s dick sawed into him, and he could feel it just at the edge of his most sensitive spot… He lifted his butt higher, and that was enough. The thick invader squeezed and scraped against Cali’s prostate and his eyes fluttered as he savoured the sensation.

“Mmmm!” he felt an orgasm rush over him like a warm, creamy wave. “Mmm-mm-mmmm!” He could feel cum dribbling out of his cock despite its tight confines, plopping on the floor and staining the underside of his skirt. Kate’s grip on his tail only intensified the feeling. She gasped as she felt his asshole twitching and flexing around her shaft.

“Oh my god,” she gasped. “You just came, didn’t you? You little whore! How dare you!” She thrust harder in retaliation, her balls thumping against his baby-smooth taint. Kate released his tail and dug her fingers into Cali’s plush rear, gripping it and assaulting his poor ass with impunity. Cali’s eyes rolled as her cock ground against his prostate, sending more pleasurable fireworks into his brain. He jerked the cocks in his hands as if on autopilot, wishing they really could spurt on him. The vibrator inside Kate urged her on, nudging her own sensitive spot as it wiggled inside her. She could feel an orgasm of her own building. “Going… to make you… regret it…!”

Her balls tightened and her cock twitched inside Cali as her own orgasm struck. She growled into a long moan as she felt the pleasurable agony of the vibrator stimulating her as she came. Cum gushed out of her cock and her thrusts became erratic. She buried herself balls-deep and squeezed Cali’s butt, digging her nails in so hard it made him cry out. She grunted, her hips shuddering, as she emptied her balls into her lover, filling him up with her hot, slick semen.

“You…” she said breathlessly, wiping a blonde lock of hair out of her eyes. “Are a very bad boy, Cali.” Kate’s cock still jerked inside him, letting the last dregs of her seed dribble out. She paused, letting him enjoy the sensation of being full of her cum. “Next time you cum before I do, you’re getting a spanking.”

Cali let the dildo fall from his lips and looked up at her.


– Ada

Art by Dmitrys ~ Website ~ Tumblr
Story by Ada
Kate belongs to MasterChefGuy ~ Hentai Foundry

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