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Cent Pudeurs by Joël Jurion (aka JJFrenchie)

Shemale Hentai by JJFrenchie at

At this point, you all should know by now that Joël Jurion (aka JJFrenchie) is one of my all-time favorite hentai artist (futanari or not), so it came as a surprise to me that his Hentai Foundry account was deleted. I was like, when the hell did that happen?! Ack!!

Then I got another surprise the same flippin’ day- Joël Jurion emailed me out of the blue to let me know he had a new Hentai Foundry account and needed some help getting the word out about his new project, Cent Pudeurs. Of course I said yes!

Shemale Hentai by JJFrenchie at

So here’s the deal (as best as I can tell, the site is in French and Google can only translate it so much): Cent Pudeurs (Without Reserve) is an art book that collects the works of Joël Jurion. This is everything from comics, to pin-ups, to sketches. The topics range from Mad Max-esque futas to a perverted version of Alice in Wonderland. Some of the stuff there we’ve all seen floating around the interwebs before, but my understanding of the project is that Joël will finish/add to some of those classic JJFrenchie comic strips.

Obviously you all know I’m pretty excited for Cent Pudeurs, but I hope you all are too. Feel free to check out the project HERE or click on one of the links below (that’s the correct Hentai Foundry link too). Joël Jurion is an awesome hentai artist and I really want to see this project be a success. If you can’t donate maybe just help spread the word. Please and thank you!

Art by Joël Jurion (aka JJFrenchie) ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot ~ Cent Pudeurs

Shemale Hentai by JJFrenchie at

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