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Chair by Vitalis

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To all discerning evil overlords, we have the ultimate in interior decorating for your brand-spanking new fortress of doom!

We considered many names for this marvelous piece of furniture, ranging from “Brainfuckulator” to “Mindrape-a-tron” but in the end, we decided to go with the short, sweet and all-encompassing simplicity of “The Chair”. If ever you should have chanced upon an attractive, intelligent and free-thinking individual whom you would like to be your attractive, obedient and drooling mind-slave, simply strap them into The Chair and watch it go to work!

This wondrous device has numerous ergonomically designed restrains that will support your new mind-slave’s body and hold them tight for the duration of their brainwashing without leaving any unsightly bruises. The built-in spell crystal will be triggered once it detects a subject sitting in The Chair and will instruct the subject to obey your every whim and command. Any resistant thoughts will be met with a painful shock whereas obedient thoughts will be rewarded with orgasmic pleasure. We guarantee that within 24 hours, even the most stubborn minds will be broken and ready to serve at your pleasure!

And of course The Chair is done is a tasteful gold finish that we promise shall fit into any decor from dungeon to bedroom!

Order now and get a free futanari slave, already pre-brainwashed for your personal use!

– Rexxon

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