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Chasmilla by Senseibushido


CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

This foxy lil’ futa is back! Chasmilla’s her name and between that previous picture and the one above, I have to say I’m sensing a pattern: this girl loves her toys!

High-powered vacuum suck-pumping cumdump canisters to the vibrator eggs tied around the base of her cock to the chest of goodies she’s saying for later, this girl really values her playtime! Chasmilla’s also got some impressive flexibility too. She’s stretching that leg waaaay up their AND sucking her own giant cock at the same time.

Be sure to click the link to see all the great details Senseibushido put into making this picture. The piercings in her ears and nipples, the purple veins that snake around Chasmilla’s dick, the little tufts of fur poking out of the bandages on her arm, and the drops of creamy cum trickling down her chin! And of course be sure to give him props for his awesome work!

– Rexxon

Senseibushido ~ Hentai Foundry

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    3 Responses to “Chasmilla by Senseibushido”

    • Anonymous Hentai Lover:

      First off I’d like to say i love the pic, self given bj’s are a huge fetish of mine. Secondly can someone help me contact LemonFont? I read his comic (followed the link on the FF & DD post) and i have to say it was excellent but left on a cliff hanger..doesn’t give any closure to the AMAZING story, does he update it weekly or what? Help me out here Rexxon.

    • Anonymous Hentai Lover:

      Oh i forgot to mention i stumbled upon the FF&DD post last night..don’t know if thats relevant or not but yup..there it is o.o, nice detail in the rendering also

    • Rexxon:

      @Anonymous Hentai Lover: did you check the front page of his website and look to the left-hand side? There is a section labeled “Latest” that will take you the newest page of the comic.

      It is ongoing and updates pretty frequently as far as I’m aware.

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