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Check out ‘Dickgirl City’ on Secondlife

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While I was on vacation I had multiple people send me the link to the above video asking me to post it. One of those people was Zev Titanium, the creator of the video. Who am I to say ‘no’ to my fans? So here it is.

Dickgirl City is a futa roleplaying sim on Secondlife. For those of you that have no idea what Secondlife is it’s a free game where everything you see is user-generated. You need to download the program, make a login and avatar etc, then once you are in the game do a search for “Dickgirl City” then hit “Teleport. Boom! You’re there.

I think, I don’t play Secondlife but I will say Dickgirl City looks pretty rad. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Also, if you want to help support the project do me a favor and click on the link below. It takes you to the same video but Zev Titanium needs the views to help promote it. You guys know how the interwebs work so lets all ban together and elevate Dickgirl City to epic heights!

Dickgirl City Promotional Video

Check out some pics after the jump

Futanari Obsession

Futanari Obsession

Futanari Obsession

Futanari Obsession

Futanari Obsession

Futanari Obsession

Futanari Obsession

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    26 Responses to “Check out ‘Dickgirl City’ on Secondlife”

    • asdfghjkl;':

      name of this song?????? please?????


      It’s Sierra Leone by Mt. Eden.

    • So cool to see the sexy girls of DGC on my favorite futa blog!

    • love the site!!:

      you know i never wanted to play second life….but…now there is a city full of dick girls…good looking ones and lets be fair thats one of fap fantasies right there

    • Wylde Ronin:

      Not gonna lie, this was EPIC. Futa’s, dubstep, ummmm that’s about it, so YEAH! Everything I like, thanks!

    • NN:

      Can someone please provide a link cause I can’t find it on Seconed Life (I a member and all but search come up 0) bummer

    • NN:

      ^ ^ I’m using third party software Cool View cause I’m still on mac tiger

    • I know this place seems be a next after free futa fuck club ressurection. But i really dont like this place after load all it makes my pc freezing :(. Any ideas how to make more performance for example on dark delightes shemale nude beach i never had that. Also i recommand dark delightes ;]. And if you all want hit me im Chloe Roecastle there sexy redskinned demonette xD

    • Nemis Xue:

      NN you may need to verify your an adult and change your setting to show adult sims. Just go to the second life site and under account click verify age and then go to preference ingame and change it under content I believe.

    • Kori:

      To everyone who needs the location of DGC, here is a link you can click, it should open a LM directly to it in your viewer:

      Chloe, I recommend tweaking your settings, the place is a bit hard on most systems, especially when there’s over 30-50 avs when it’s busy. I recommend reducing your draw distance to 64 or lower, your graphics, no AA, lower the maximum of non-impostors av to 8 (and make sure it’s on). Also if you use Firestorm, you can always derender some of the avatars manually by right clicking on them.

    • Misnomer:

      I get to dj at Dickgirl City, and I have to say, the people are generally very nummy to look at, and nice as well. If you do get into SL, please stop in sometime just to look around at least, I am sure you will see something that will keep you around

    • BL:

      i didnt stay around long cause the place was giving my sistem a hard time but ill try to tweak my settings if that doesnt help..well… a man can dream

    • Mt eden – Sierra Leone love the song

    • Balmoth:

      I loved it . I meet the creator of the video the first visit and he help a newbie like little me. ANd as a homage to the fact that it was this site that made me go into second life and create my special “lady” I have decided to turn myself into Poison. Hope to see you around

    • Balmoth:

      I loved it . I meet the creator of the video the first visit and he help a newbie like little me. And as a homage to the fact that it was this site that made me go into second life and create my special “lady” I have decided to turn myself into Poison. Hope to see you around.(And to create the perfect Poison 😉 )

    • ZevTitanium:

      Its overwhelming how many new faces are showing up, but we are managing it. Also really cool to see a lot of artists coming in and sketching our girls. Two of those being avy and jacquin. This website really helped us expand our community. Thank you futobsession.

      P.S. Don’t forget to join the DGC group when you arrive if you want to get more involved with the parties and more underground type stuff.

    • Nemis Xue:

      Balmoth that is great to hear, infact there is a store in the sim that has a Poison avie with everything you need, expect for a cock and prim tits but you can find them in the sim to. Glad your enjoying your second life and jion cause of DGC. Hope to see ya at the event this saturday at 8pm SL time which is like the same time as California.

    • Ann:

      Someone find the place in this city with the demons, orcs or something like this?

    • Nemis Xue:

      I sadly endorsed this sim, by telling the site about it and even posting comments in here about it. The sim is great but I know from being part of the staff. It is nothing more then ran by Elitist who cater to those willing to spend a pretty price on the sim. As it goes with them lifting bans on people that may been placed as a favor to a friend when it was Black Dick Girl Slums. They rig the party’s events by giving away prizes to staff which I had received twice or to friends. They hold private parties and events for those willing to spend certain amount on the sim. Oh and if you get a job wanting to be a Courtesan which is the title given to all the girls in the video you can’t become one even thou they will lead you on that you can. If your a true futa fan don’t endorse the snobs, elites, and straight up assholes that run the place. Go to another futa sim in sl.

    • Curios:

      Tried to join the other day. Didn’t work for some reason when I tried to get into the room. Any hints?

    • zev titanium:

      just keep trying, sometimes SL gets laggy and it takes a couple tries

    • Yelena:

      Place seems totally opposite of it’s video and what is posted here. Alot of people just standing around not talking or responding to any chat or IM’s. Which makes me think their probably bots and the only party I seen was something out of Eyes Wide Shut and apparently it was private cause I was asked to leave when I went into it. Going to keep going there but don’t know if I will stay around much longer.

    • I used to frequent that sim back when it first open, but it has slowly gone dead and back to it’s old ways. Back when it was Black Dick Girl Slums. It is still a cool build but all the afkers plus bots standing around make it a boring spot to go. For some place at the very top of the list in places when you search Futa or Futanari on SL it is pretty lame. I recommend going to Dark Delights alot more people to interact with and more social.

    • zev titanium:

      This Saturday we are giving out drawing commissions. If you need a new profile picture, you could be put down in ink by Jacquin. Check it out.

      PS: DGC doesn’t have botters. If you don’t believe me, try IMing them. I talk to almost everyone every day.

    • anonymous:

      The staff is useless, they do not do anything but stand around and look pretty and want tips. People who cause trouble are free to do anything they please. Even if you message a staff member they do not do anything about it and just tell you to use the game developers report system (its useless FYI). The sim is extremely elitist on Par with CCS pretty much. Most of the people who do populate the sim are just there to get compliments and nothing else, or expect you to worship them. Oh yea and if you guys want a tip, AVOID everyone they listed in the end of the video, they made it really easy to point out the little clique they have. Don’t try to befriend them and don’t try to do anything else other than offer them money. That is the only way to get anything there pretty much! If you do not believe me just look up that person in the video listing hugsalot Valkyrie. Don’t Message Kori for any help either if you are being harassed by random greifers, she is about as useless as they come!

    • To anonymous thats cause I am an escort at DGC and I get paid for my time. As for everything else you said, I wouldn’t know anything about that seeing as I am busy making money selling sex and hanging with my friends (the clique you refer too) DGC is dead any ways not too long after all the negativity it got from comments on here and from people in SL, the sim has been nothing but a shopping mall with no new events and nothing in the works or planned. So stop bitching and just pay for your sex like all the other good boys and girls.

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